The Cognātarium

fa– {to speak}: affable, confabulation, defame, fable, fabulous, fairy, fame, famous, fate (→fat–), ineffable, infamous, infamy, infant, infantile, infantry, preface see also fess–, phas–2 || From L fāri (prp. fans, pp. fātus) : to speak; derivatives: fābula : story, conversation, fātum : prophetic declaration From IE *bhā– : to speak

fabric– {to put together}: fabric, fabricate, fabrication, prefabricated || From L fabrica : workshop, trade, product, fabric From faber : workman

fac–1 {to do, to make}: see benefic–, facient–, facil–, fact–, fair–, fait–, feas–, feat–, fect–, feit–, fex–, fic–, fit–1, fy–, offic–

fac–2 {face}: deface, efface, façade, face, facet, facetious, facial, interface, prima facie, surface, volte-face superficial unrelated: preface || From ME From OFr From VL *facia From L faciēs : the face, appearance, form From facere : to do, to make From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

facient– {making}: febrifacient, rubefacient, tumifacient same as fac–1 || From L facientis, gen. of faciens, prp. of facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

facil– {to do easily}: facile, facilitate, facility difficult, faculty same as fac–1 || From L facilis From facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fact– {to do, to make}: artifact, benefactor, ex post facto, fact, faction, –faction, factor, factorial, factory, factotum, ipso facto, malefactor, manufacture, olfactory, satisfaction facsimile, fashion same as fac–1 || From L facere : to do; derivatives: factor : doer, maker; pp. factus To factura : a making; neut. pp. factum : what is done, deed, fact From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

faec– see fec–

fair– {to do}: affair, laissez-faire, savoir-faire unrelated: fair, fairy same as fac–1 || From OFr faire From L facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fait– {done}: fait accompli, parfait same as fact–, fect– || From Fr fait From L factum, pp. of facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fall– {to deceive, mistaken, wrong, false}: fallacious, fallacy, fallible, infallible fail, false same as fault– see also faux– || From L fallere : to deceive; derivatives: fallācia : deception, artifice From fallax (gen. fallācis) : deceitful; pp. falsum, falsus

fan–1 {temple}: fan (fanatic), fanatic, fane, profane || From L fānum : sanctuary, temple

fan–2 {to appear, to show}: fancy, fanciful, fantasize, fantastic, fantasy, tiffany see also phan– || From L phantasia : idea, notion From Gr, appearance of a thing From phainein : to show, to appear

far– {meal, grain}: confarreation, farina, farinaceous, farrago || From L far : type of grain To farīna : ground grain, meal

farc– {to cram, to stuff}: farce, farcical, farcy, infarct, infarction forcemeat || From Fr farce : stuffing, hence farce From VL farsa From pp. of farcīre : to stuff (farces were “stuffing” between the acts in Rome)

fare– {to travel, to go}: fare, farewell, seafarer, thoroughfare, wayfarer, welfare unrelated: fanfare || From ME Fromfaren From OE faran : to go, to wander; akin to Ger. fahren : to go to travel & Du raren

farious– {possible, possibilities, legalities, directions}: bifarious, multifarious, nefarious, omnifarious || From L –farium, adv. suffix From fās : divine law, lawful, possible

fasc–1 {fasces: bundle of rods with an axe as symbol of authority, bundle, cluster}: fasces, fascicle, fasciculate, fasciculus, fascine, fascism unrelated: fascinate || From L fascis : bundle From IE *bhasko– : bundle

fasc–2 {a band, a sash, flat strip}: fascia, fasciate, fasciation, fascioliasis unrelated: fascinate || From L fascia : band, sash From IE *bhasko– : bundle

fast– {firm, fixed, solid}: breakfast, fast (all senses), fasten, steadfast avast || From ME From OE fæst, akin to Ger fest : firm, stable

fastig– {the gable end of a roof, point, slope}: fastigiate, fastigium || From L fastīgium : gable end, point of a roof

fat– {a divine utterance, hence: destiny, fate, death}: fatal, fata morgana, fate, femme fatale part of fa– || From L fatum : prophetic declaration, oracle From neut. pp of fari : to speak

fatig– {to tire out}: fatigue, indefatigable || From Fr fatiguer From L fatīgare : to weary From fatis : exhaustion

fatu– {foolish}: fatuous, ignis fatuus, infatuate || From L fatuus : foolish To infatuatus, pp. of infatuare : to make a fool of

fault– {mistaken, wrong, to fail}: default, fault same as fall– || From Fr faulte : a lack From VL fallita From fallitus From L falsus From fallere : to deceive

faun– {animal life}: avifauna, faun, fauna, Faunus, microfauna || From ModL faunus : Roman deities of nature

faux– {false}: faux, faux pas see also fall– || From Fr From OFr falsus From L falsus : false From fallax (gen. fallācis) From fallere : to deceive

fe– {wealth, property}: fee, fellow, feoff, feu, feud (estate), feudalism, feudatory, infeudate fief || From ME fee : estate, fief, payment From OFr feu, fief From Germanic. Also From ME From ML feodum From Frank fehu : wealth, cattle, property

feas– {to do, to make}: feasance, feasible, malfeasance, misfeasance, tort-feasor same as fac–1 || From OFr From –faisant From stem of faire : to do From L facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

feat– {to do, to make}: defeat, feat, feature same as fac–1 || From OFr fait From L factum : a deed, something done From neut. pp. of facere : to do & factorum : a making, formation, pp. of facere From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

febr– {fever}: febrifacient, febrifuge, febrile || From L febris : fever

fec– {excrement}: defecate, fecal, fecalith, feces, feculent unrelated: fecund || From L faex : dregs, lees To pl. fæces, dim. faecula, gen. faecis

fect– {to do, to make}: affect, affectation, affection, confection, defect (all senses), disinfectant, effect, effectuate, infect, perfect, prefect, prefecture, refectory confetti, feckless same as fac–1 || From L facere : to do To –ficere with prefixes To pp. –fectus To –fectare From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

feder– {treaty, league}: confederate, federal, federated, federation || From L foedus (gen. foederis) : a league, a treaty, a compact

feit– {to do, to make}: counterfeit, forfeit, surfeit same as fac–1 || From Fr –fait, pp. of –faire (comb. form) : to do From L facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fel–1 {wicked, cruel, treachery}: fell (cruel, lethal, sinister), felo de se, felon (criminal), felonious, felony || From ML felo, earlier fello : a criminal, one who has committed treason or treachery

fel–2 {cat}: felid, Felidae, feline || From L fēles, fēlis : cat

felic– {happiness}: Felicia, felicitations, felicitous, felicity Felix || From L fēlīcitās : happiness From fēlix (gen. fēlicis) : happy; orig. fertile, fruitful, nourishing

fem– {woman}: cherchez la femme, effeminate, female, feminine, feminist, femme fatale Fr. femme compare mascul– || From L fēmina : woman To dim. fēmella : female

fenc– {to strike}: defence (Brit. sp.), fence (barrier), fencing (swordplay), offence (Brit. sp.) same as fend–, fens– || From L –fensus, pp. of –fendere : to hit, to strike

fend– {to strike}: defend, fend, fender, forfend, offend same as fenc–, fens– || From L –fendere : to hit, to strike To pp. –fensus

fens– {to strike}: defense, defensive, offense, offensive same as fenc–, fend– || From L –fensus, pp. of –fendere (comb. form) : to hit, to strike

fer–1 {to bear, to carry}: afferent, aquifer, circumference, confer, conference, conifer, defer, deference, differ, differentiate, efferent, –ferous, fertile, indifferent, infer, Lucifer, offer, offering, prefer, preferential, proffer, proliferate, refer (→refer–), somniferous, suffer, transfer, vas deferens, vociferous see also lat–1, pher–, phor– || From L –fer (comb. form) From ferre : to bear From IE *bher– : to carry, to bring

fer–2 {to strike}: interfere, interferometer, interferon || From L ferire : to strike

fer–3 {wild, fierce}: feral, ferocious fierce || From L ferus : fierce, wild, savage To fera : wild animal To feralis : feral, wild

ferr– {iron}: ferrate, ferric, ferriferous, ferro–, ferroconcrete, ferrotype, ferrous, ferruginous chemin de fer, fer-de-lance, farrier || From L ferrum : iron From

ferv– {to boil}: effervescent, fervent, fervid, fervor, perfervid ferment || From L fervēre : to glow, to boil, to rage To prp. fervens (gen. ferventis)

fess– {to acknowledge, to avow}: confess, profess, professional, professor see also fa– || From L –fessus (comb. form), pp. of –fiteri : to avow publicly From fatēri : to acknowledge, to avow; akin to fari : to speak

fest–1 {feast, celebration}: festal, festival, festive, festivity, festoon, Oktoberfest feast, fete, fiesta || From ME festus From OFr From VL festa, pl. of L fēstum : festival From fēstus : festal, joyful; orig. days of religious observance

fest–2 {to strike, to attack}: infest, manifest, manifesto || From L infestare : to attack From infestus : hostile & From L manifestus, earlier manufestus, struck by the hand, palpable, evident

fet–1 {offspring}: effete, fetal, feticide, fetoscope, fetus || From L fētus, foetus : bringing forth progeny, fruitful, productive

fet–2 {foul-smelling}: asafetida, fetid (also sp. foetid), fetor || From L foetere : to stink

fex– {to make}: pontifex, spinifex, tubifex same as fac–1 || From L –fex (comb. form) : maker From facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fianc–, fiant– {faith, to give a pledge, troth}: affiance, affiant, defiance, defiant, fiancé, fiancée defy same as fid–1 || From ME From OFr fier : to trust (pp.fiance) From ML fidare : to trust From L fīdere From fīdus : faithful

fiant– see fianc–

fibr– {fiber, filament, hair}: fiber, fibril, fibrillation, fibrin, fibrinogen, fibroid, fibroma, fibrous || From Fr fibre From L fibra : fiber, hair

fibula– {clasp, to fasten}: fibula, infibulation || From L fībula : a pin, a clasp

fic– {to do, to make}: aficionado, artifice, artificial, beneficial (→benefic–), certificate, coefficient, deficient, deficit, edifice, efficacious, efficient, –fication, honorific, Magnificat, magnificent, munificent, office (→offic–), orifice, pontificate, proficient, prolific, sacrifice, significant, soporific, suffice, sufficient, terrific unrelated: fiction same as fac–1 || From L –ficere (comb. form) : to do, to make; prp. –ficiens To facere : to do From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fid–1 {faith, trust}: Adeste Fideles, affidavit, bona fide, confide (→confid–), diffident, Fidel, fidelity, Fido, fiduciary, infidel, nullifidian, perfidy, semper fidelis fealty same as fianc– || From L fides : faith To fidelis : faithful, trusty To fidelitas; fīdere : to trust To fīducia : trust

fid–2 {to split, to cleave, to divide}: bifid, palmatifid, pinnatifid same as fiss– || From L –fidus : split From findere : to cleave, to split; pp. fissus; n. fissio

fig– {form, shape}: configuration, configure, disfigure, effigy, figment, figurative, figure, figurine, reconfigure, transfigure feign, feint, fiction, fictitious || From L figura From fingēre : to form, to shape

fil– {thread, string, to string together, to put in line, to put in order}: defilade, defile (narrow ravine), enfilade, filament, filar, filaria, file (line), file (to arrange, as papers), filet, filiform, filigree, fillet, profile || From ME filen From OFr filer : to string documents together; orig. to spin thread From LL filare : to spin From L fīlum : thread

fili– {son, child}: affiliate, filial, filicide, filioque Fr. fille || From L fīlius : son; fīlia : daughter

filtr– {filter}: filter, filtrate, filtration, infiltrate || From ML filtrum, feltrum : felt, fulled wool used for straining

fin– {boundary, limit, end}: ad infinitum, affine, affinity, confine, define, definite, definition, final, finale, finance, fine (all senses), fin de siècle, finery, finesse, finial, finish, finite, infinite, infinitesimal, infinitive, infinity, paraffin, refine || From L fīnire : to end; to enclose in a boundary From fīnis : end, limit, boundary

firm– {firm, strong}: affirm, affirmative, confirm, confirmation, firm, firmament, infirm, infirmary, terra firma farm || From L firmus : firm To firmare : to strengthen

fisc– {public treasury}: confiscate, fiscal || From L fiscus : basket of rushes, money basket, public chest

fiss– {to split, to cleave, to divide}: fissile, fission, fissiparous, fissiped, fissirostral, fissure same as fid–2 || From L fissio From fissus, pp. of findere : to cleave, to split

fistul– {pipe, tube, ulcer}: fistula, fistulous || From L fistula : pipe, tube, ulcer

fit–1 {to do, to make}: benefit, comfit, discomfiture, profit same as fac–1 || From OFr –fait (comb. form) : done From L –factum (comb. form) : act, deed From facere : to do, to make From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

fit–2 {to arrange, to put in order}: fit, misfit, outfit, refit, retrofit unrelated: fit (paroxysm) || From ME fitten : to be fit, to suit From

fix– {to fasten}: affix, antefix, crucifix, fix, fixation, fixative, fixings, fixture, idée fixe, infix, prefix, prix fixe, suffix, transfix crucify || From L fixus, pp. of fīgere : to fasten, to attach

flagell– {whip}: flagellant, flagellate, flagelliform, flagellum, phytoflagellate, zooflagellate flail, flog || From L flagellare : to whip, to scourge From flagellum : a whip, dim. of flagrum : whip

flagr– {to blaze}: conflagration, deflagration, flagrant, in flagrante delicto see also phlog– || From L flagrare : to flame, to blaze To prp. flagrans

flam– {flame}: aflame, flambeau, flambé, flamboyant, flame, flamingo, flammable, inflame, inflammable, inflammatory, oriflamme || From L flamma : flame To dim. flammula To OFr flamme, flambe

flat– {to blow}: afflatus, conflation, deflate, flatulent, flatus, inflate, insufflate soufflé || From L flātus, pp. of flāre : to blow

flav– {yellow}: acriflavine, flavescent, flavin, flavone, flavoprotein, riboflavin unrelated: flavor || From L flāvus : yellow

fleche– {arrow}: flèche, fléchette, parfleche fletcher || From Fr. flèche : arrow From OFr fleche From MDu vleke : arrow

flect– {to bend}: deflect, genuflect, inflection, reflect same as flex– || From L flectere : to bend

fledg– {feather, to grow feathers}: fledge, fledgling, full-fledged || From ME flegge : ready to fly

fleur– {flower}: enfleurage, fleur-de-lis same as flor– || From Fr fleur : flower

flex– {to bend}: circumflex, flex, flexible, flexion, flextime, flexure, reflex same as flect– || From L flexus, pp. of flectere : to bend, curve

flict– {to strike}: afflict, conflict, inflict profligate || From L –flictus, pp. of flīgere : to strike

flocc– {flock of wool}: floc, floccose, flocculate, floccule, flocculent, flocculus, floccus floc, flock (fabric fibers) unrelated: flock (group of animals) || From L floccus : flock of wool

flor–, flower– {flower, blossom}: cauliflower, deflower, effloresce, flora, florabunda, floral, Florence, florid, Florida, florist, flower, inflorescence flour, flourish same as fleur– || From L flōralis, gen. of flos : flower; and flōrēre : to bloom. Also, of the goddess Flōra, goddess of flowers •flower From ME From OFr flor, flour : flower From L

flot– {to float}: flotation, flotilla, flotsam float || From ME flote From OE flota : that which floats, ship, fleet

flower– see flor–

flu– {to flow}: affluent, circumfluent, confluence, effluent, effluvium, flu, fluctuate, fluent, fluid, flume, fluorine (→fluor–), flush, influence, influenza, mellifluous, superfluous unrelated: flue same as flux– see also fluvi– || From L fluere : to flow To fluctus : a flowing, a wave To fluctuare to wave From IE *bhleu– : to swell, to well up, to overflow

fluor– {fluorine, fluorescence}: fluor, fluorescent, fluoridate, fluoride, fluorine, fluorite, fluorocarbon, fluoroscope, fluorosis, fluorspar part of flu– || From L fluor : flux, a flowing From fluere : to flow

fluvi– {river, flowing water}: effluvium, fluvial, fluvio–, fluvioglacial see also flu– || From L fluvius : river, stream, flowing water From fluere : to flow From IE *bhleu– : to swell, to well up, to overflow

flux– {to flow}: afflux, flux, fluxion, influx, reflux same as flu– || From L flux : a flowing, pp. of fluere : to flow

foc– {fireplace, hearth, hence: central point, focal point, focus}: bifocal, focal, focus, trifocal || From L focus : fireplace, hearth

foet– see fet–2

foil– {leaf}: airfoil, cinquefoil, foil (thin metal), hydrofoil, milfoil, quatrefoil, trefoil mille-feuille unrelated: foil (sword), foil (to thwart) same as foli– see also phyll– || From ME From OFr fuil (Fr fueille) : leaf From L folia From folium : leaf From IE *bhel–, *bhlō– : to swell, to blossom

foli– {leaf}: defoliant, defoliate, exfoliate, foliaceous, foliage, foliate, folic acid, folio, folium, perfoliate, portfolio, quinquefoliate same as foil– see also phyll– || From L folia From folium : leaf To foliātus : leafy From IE *bhel–, *bhlō– : to swell, to blossom

folk– {people, a people}: folk, folklore, folksy, Norfolk, Suffolk || From ME From OE folc : folk (akin to Ger volk) From

fond– see found–2

for–1 {door, outdoors, outside}: foreclose, foreign, forensic, forest, forfeit, forum, triforium same as hors– || From L foris : door To foras, foris : out-of-doors To forum : outdoor area, marketplace

for–2 {hole, to pierce, to bore}: biforate, foramen, foraminifer, perforate || From L forāmen : hole To forare : to bore, to pierce

for–3 {forward, before}: before, forbid, fore, forearm, forebode, forecast, foremast, foremost, forefather, forefront, forehead, foreknowledge, foreman, foremost, forerunner, foreshadow, foretell, foreword, forget, forgo, former, forth, forward || From ME (various), all ult. From IE *per– : the base of a wide variety of prepositions and adverbs with the basic meaning of forward, through; and extended senses of before, in front, first, etc.

fore– see for–3

form– {form, shape, appearance}: conform, conformal, cruciform, cuneiform, deform, form, formal, formality, format, formation, formative, formless, Formosa, formula, formulate, inform, informal, information, informative, platform, pro forma, reform, reformation, reformatory, transform, uniform, vermiform || From L forma : shape, figure, image (dim. formula) To formare (pp. formatio) : to form, to shape

formic– {ant}: formic, formicary, formicate formaldehyde Sp. hormiga || From L formīca : ant

fort–1 {chance}: fortuitous, fortunate, fortune, fortuneteller, misfortune || From L fortūna : chance, fate & fortuītus From forte : by chance From fortis, gen. of fors : chance

fort–2 {strong}: a fortiori, comfort, effort, fort, forte (strong point), forte (loud), fortification, fortify, fortis (compare lenis), fortissimo, fortitude, fortepiano, fortress, pianoforte compare pia– || From L fortis : strong

foss– {to dig, diggings, trench, ditch}: fossa, foss(e), fossette, fossil, fossiliferous, fossorial || From L fossus, pp. of fodere : to dig up To fossor : digger

found–1, fund– {bottom}: found (to establish), foundation, founder (to sink), fund, fundamental, latifundium, profound, profundity, refund || From ME founden From OFr fonder From L funder From fundus : ground, bottom

found–2, fond– {to pour}: confound, fondant, fondue, found (to cast metal), foundry font (typesetting), funnel, infundibulum same as fus–2 || From ME founden From OFr fondre From L fundere : to pour, to melt (metal)

fract– {to break}: anfractuous, diffraction, fractal, fraction, fractious, fracture, infraction, refraction fracas same as frag–, fringe– || From L fractio : a breaking, pp. of frangere : to break To fractura : a breaking, breach, cleft

frag– {to break}: fragile, fragment, irrefragable, ossifrage, suffragan, suffrage frail, frangible, irrefrangible, refrain (lyrics) same as fract–, fringe– || From L fragilis, fragmentum From frangere : to break (pp. fractio)

franc–, frank– {the Franks, early residents of France and western Europe, hence: France. Also bears the sense of ‘free’, from the Frankish system of freedom}: franc, France, Frances, franchise, Francis, Francophone, frank (all senses), Frank, Frankfort (Kentucky), Frankfurt (Germany), frankfurter, frankincense, franklin, Franklin, frankly, lingua franca Span. Francisco, Franco Ger. Franz || From OFr franc : free, frank From ML francus From LL Francus : a Frank, hence: a free man

frank– see franc–

fratr– {brother}: fraternal, fraternity, fraternize, fratricide friar Fr. frère It. fratello compare soror– || From L frāter : brother To frāternus : brotherly, frāternitas : brotherhood, frāternalis : of a brother

fred–, fried– {peace}: Frederick, Frieda, Friedrich, Manfred, Siegfried, Wilfred unrelated: Alfred same as frey– || From Germanic frithu– : peace

fren–1 {bridle}: frenulum, frenum refrain (to hold back) || From L frēnum : bridle To dim. frēnulum

fren–2 see phren–

fres– {fresh, cool}: alfresco, fresco, fresh, freshet, freshman, freshwater, refresh || From It fresco From OHG frisc & Gmc. friska : fresh

frey– {peace}: Geoffrey (Jeffrey), Godfrey same as fred– || From OHG fridu From Gmc frithu– : peace

fric– {to rub}: affricate, dentifrice, fricative, friction unrelated: fricassee || From L fricare (pp. fricātus) : to rub To frictio : rubbing

fried– see fred–

frig– {cold}: frigid, Frigidaire™, refrigerant, refrigerate sang-froid Span. frio Fr. froid compare cald– || From L frīgere : to be cold From frīgus coldness, frost To frīgidus : cold

fringe– {to break}: infringe, refringent unrelated: fringe same as fract–, frag– || From L –fringere (comb. form) From frangere : to break

frond– {leafy branch, foliage}: frond, frondescence || From L frondere : to put forth leaves From frons (gen. frondis) : leafy branch, foliage

front– {front}: affront, confront, effrontery, forefront, front, frontage, frontal, frontier, frontispiece, fronton, frontward || From L frons (gen. frontis) : forehead, front

frost– {frost, ice}: defrost, hoarfrost, frost, frostbite, frosting, frosty || From OE forst, forst From freosan : to freeze

fruct– {fruit}: fructiferous, fructify, fructose, usufruct same as frug–, fruit– || From L fructus : enjoyment, means of enjoyment, fruit, produce, profit; pp. of frui : to partake of, to enjoy From IE *bhrūg– : fruit, to enjoy

frug– {fruit}: frugal, frugivorous same as fruct–, fruit– || From L frugis, gen. of frux : fruit From IE *bhrūg– : fruit, to enjoy

fruit– {fruit}: fruit, fruitful, fruition, fruitless same as fruct–, frug– || From OFr From L fruitus & fructus : enjoyment, means of enjoyment, fruit, produce, profit; pp. of frui : to partake of, to enjoy From IE *bhrūg– : fruit, to enjoy

fuc– {rock lichen}: fuciphagous, fucoid, fucus || From L fūcus : rock lichen, and the red or purple paint obtained from it From Gr phykos : rock lichen, rouge From Semitic

fug– {to expel, to flee, to fly}: centrifugal, centrifuge, febrifuge, fugacious, fugitive, fugue, refuge, refugee, subterfuge, tempus fugit, vermifuge || From L fugere : to flee To pp. fugitīvus & fugax (gen. fugacis) : a fleeing, a flight

fulg– {to shine, to flash, lightning}: effulgent, fulgent, fulgurate, fulgurite, fulgurous, refulgent fulminate || From L fulgēre : to flash, to shine To fulgens (pp. fulgentis) : shining, flashing From IE *bhleg– : to shine, to flash

fum– {fumes, smoke}: fumarole, fume, fumigate, fumitory, perfume || From L fūmus : smoke, steam, vapor

fun– {rope}: funambulist, funicular, funiculus || From L fūniculus, dim. of fūnis : rope, cord

funct– {to perform}: defunct, dysfunction, function, functionary, malfunction, perfunctory || From L functio, pp. of fungi : to perform, to execute

fund– see found–1

funer– {funeral}: funeral, funerary, funereal || From L fūneris, gen. of fūnus : funeral

fur–1 {to rage}: furioso, furious, furor, fury, infuriate || From L furo : to rave, to rage To furia : rage, frenzy & furiōsus : raging, raving, furious

fur–2 {furrow}: furlong, furrow || From ME forwe From OE forh

fur–3 {thief}: furtive, furuncle, furunculosis || From L fūr : thief To dim. fūrunculus, furtīvus : stolen, hidden

furc– {fork}: bifurcate, furcate, furcula, trifurcate || From L furca : fork; dim. furcula

furn– {to equip, to supply}: furnish, furniture unrelated: furnace || From ME furnishen From OFr furnir (Fr fournir)

fus–1 {spindle}: defuse, fusain, fuse (detonator), fusee, fuselage, fusiform || From L fūsus : hollow spindle

fus–2 {to pour}: affusion, confuse, diffuse, effusive, fuse (to join), fusion, infuse, profuse, refuse (all senses), suffuse, transfusion same as found–2 || From L fūsus pp. of fundere : to pour out, to pour out abundantly, to give abundantly, to spread

fusc– {dark, to darken}: infuscate, obfuscate || From L fuscare : to obscure From fuscus : dark

fusil– {musket}: fusil (musket), fusile, fusilier, fusillade || From Fr fusil (orig. steel to strike sparks) From ML focile From L focus : fireplace, hearth (in LL, fire)

fust– {stick, cudgel}: fustian, fustigate || From L fustis : stick, staff, cudgel

fut– {to repel, to drive back, to repress, to check}: confute, refute see also but–1 || From L –fūtare (with prefixes) : to check, to repress, to drive back

fy– {to do, to make}: amplify, certify, deify, diversify, edify, glorify, horrify, identify, liquefy, magnify, mollify, modify, notify, nullify, petrify, putrefy, qualify, signify, stultify, stupefy, terrify, transmogrify, unify unrelated: crucify same as fac–1 || From L –ficare (comb. form) From facere : to do, to make From IE *dhē– : to put, to set, to place

Unattested, hypothesized
† Unknown origin

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