The Cognātarium

h– {demonstratives}: he, hence, her, here, hers, him, his, hither compare th–, wh– || From IE stem *ko– : demonstrative pronouns meaning this

habil– {to have, to hold, to manage, to dwell}: habile, habiliment, habilitate, rehabilitate Span. hablar same as abl– see also habit–, hibit– || From L habēre (pp. habitum) : to have, to hold To habilis : easily managed, handy; habilitās : aptitude, suitability; habitātio : dwelling, habitation; habitare : to inhabit; habitus : condition, habit, bearing

habit– {to have, to hold, to dwell}: cohabit, habit (all senses), habitable, habitat, habitation, habitual, habituate, habitué, inhabit Ger. haben same as hibit– see also habil– || From L habēre (pp. habitum) : to have, to hold To habilis : easily managed, handy; habilitās : aptitude, suitability; habitātio : dwelling, habitation; habitare : to inhabit; habitus : condition, habit, bearing

haem– see hemo–

hagio– {sacred, holy, hence: saint}: hagiarchy, hagiocracy, Hagiographa, hagiolotry, hagiology, hagioscope Agnes || From Gr hagios : holy

hal–1 {to breathe}: exhale, halitosis, inhale || From L hālare : to breathe out, to exhale To hālitus : breath, exhalation

hal–2 {salt, the sea}: halide, halobiont, halocline, halogen, haloid, halon, halophile, halothane see also sal–2 || From Gr hals (gen halos) : salt, hence: sea From IE *sal– : salt

hal–3 {holy}: halibut, halidom, hallow, Halloween Ger. heilig || From OE halig : holy, hallowed

hand– {hand}: hand, handbag, handbook, handcuff, handful, handicap, handicraft, handiwork, handkerchief, handle, handout, handset, handsome, handy, handyman || From OE hand; akin to Goth handus

hap– {luck, chance}: hap, haphazard, hapless, haply, happen, happenstance, happy, mayhap, mishap, perhaps || From ME hap : chance, luck From ON hap

haplo– {single, simple}: haploid, haplology, haplont, haplosis compare diplo– || From Gr haploos : single

har– {army}: harbinger, harbor, harness, Harold, harry, Harvey same as her–3 || From OE From Gmc stem harja : army

harmon– {joint, to fit, agreement, harmony}: harmonic, harmonica, harmonious, harmonium, harmonize, harmony || From L harmonia : harmony, agreement From Gr harmos : a fitting

haust– {to draw, to drain}: exhaust, haustellum, haustorium || From L haustum, pp of haurire : to draw up, to draw out, to draw fluid, to drain

haut– {high}: hautboy, haute couture, haute cuisine, hauteur, Terre Haute haughty see also alt– || From Fr haut : high, grand, haughty From OFr From L altus : high

head– {head}: ahead, behead, forehead, head, headache, headboard, headdress, header, headhunter, heading, headland, headlight, headline, headlong, headmaster, headphone, headpiece, headquarters, headroom, headsail, headset, headspring, headstand, headstone, headstrong, headwaters, headway, heady || From ME hede, heved From OE heafod

hearse– {harrow}: hearse, rehearse || From ME herce, herse : a harrow–shaped structure From OFr herce From ML hercia From L hirpex (stem hirpic–) : harrow, toothed rake From prob Sabine or Oscan hirpus, irpus : wolf (in allusion to its teeth)

heb– {a youth}: ephebe, ephebus, Hebe, hebephrenia || From Gr hēbē : youth

hecat– see hecto–

hect(o)–, hecat– {hundred}: hecatomb, hectare, hectocotylus, hectogram, hectograph, hectoliter, hectometer || From Gr hekaton : hundred

hedon– {pleasure}: anhedonia, hedonic, hedonism || From Gr hēdonē : pleasure; akin to hēdys : sweet From IE *swad– : pleasing to the taste

hedr– {seat, chair}: cathedra, cathedral, ex cathedra, polyhedron, Sanhedrin exedra more at hedron– || From Gr hedra : side, base, seat To L sedēre : to sit

hedron– {side, base, seat}: dodecahedron, hendecahedron, hexahedron, polyhedron, rhombohedron, tetrahedron part of hedr– || From Gr hedra : side, base, seat To L sedēre : to sit

heg–, eg– {to lead, leader, guide}: exegesis, exegetics, hegemony, hegumen || From Gr hēgemonia : leadership From hēgemōn : leader From hēgeisthai : to lead, to go on ahead To exegeisthaiFrom ex– : out + hēgeisthai) : to lead, to explain To exēgēsis : explanation

helic– {spiral}: helical, helicoid, helicopter helix || From Gr helikos, gen of helix : spiral From helissein : to turn around

heli(o)– {the Sun}: aphelion, heliarc, heliocentric, heliograph, heliolatry, Heliopolis, Helios, heliosphere, heliostat, heliotrope, heliotropism, helium, perihelion || From Gr hēlios : the sun

Hell(en)– {Hellen, legendary king who was said to be the ancestor of all Greeks, hence: Greece [chiefly ancient Greece]}: Helladic, Hellas, Hellene, Hellenic, Hellenism, Hellenize The Greek name of Greece is Hellas. || From Gr Hellēn : progenitor of the Hellenes (Greeks)

helm–1 {wheel, rudder, control, to guide}: helm (tiller), helmsman Anselm || From ME helme From OE helma; akin to Ger helm : handle

helm–2 {covering, protection}: helm (helmet), helmet, Helmut, Wilhelm || From ME From OE helm : protection From Gmc

helminth– {parasitic worm}: anthelmintic, aschelminth, helminth, helminthiasis, helminthology, nemathelminth, platyhelminth, trochelminth || From Gr helminthos, gen. of helmins : worm, parasitic worm From IE *welminth– From *wel– : to turn, to roll, curved, enclosed object

hemat(o)– {blood}: hematocrit, hematology, hematoma, hematophagous, hematopoiesis, hematozoon, hematuria same as emia–, hemo– || From Gr haimatos, gen. of haima : flowing blood From

hemer– {day}: ephemeral, ephemerid, ephemeris, ephemeron, Ephemeroptera, hemeralopia compare nyct– || From Gr hēmera : day, daytime

hemi– {half}: hemidemisemiquaver, hemiplegia, Hemiptera, hemisphere, hemistich, hemitrope see also semi– || From Gr hēmi– : half

hem(o)– {blood}: hematite, heme, hemoglobin, hemolysis, hemophilia, hemoptysis, hemorrhage, hemorrhoid, hemostat same as emia–, hemato– || From Gr haima (gen. haimatos) (comb. form –aimia) : flowing blood From

hen– {one}: hendecahedron, hendiadys, henotheism, hyphen || From Gr hen : one

hepat– {liver}: hepatic, hepatica, hepatitis, hepatogenic heparin || From Gr hēpatos, gen. of hēpar : liver

hept– {seven}: heptad, heptagon, heptamerous, heptane, Heptateuch, heptavalent, heptose hebdomad see also sept–1 || From Gr hepta : seven

her–1 {heir}: disinherit, hereditament, hereditary, heredity, heritage, inherit heir || From L hēres : heir To hērēditās : inheritance

her–2 {to stick}: adhere, cohere, coherent, incoherent, inherent same as hes– || From L haerēre (pp. haesum) : to stick, to adhere

her–3 {army}: herald, Herbert, heriot, Herman, Luther, Walther (Walter) same as har– || From OE From Gmc stem harja : army

herb– {herb, grass}: herb, herbaceous, herbal, herbarium, herbicide, herbivore || From L herba : springing vegetation, stalk, green plant, grass

herp– {to creep, serpent}: herpes, herpetology see also serp– || From Gr herpein : to creep To herpeton : reptile

hes– {to stick}: adhesion, adhesive, cohesion, cohesive, hesitant, hesitate same as her–2 || From L haerēre (pp. haesum) : to stick, to adhere

hetero– {other, different}: heterodox, heterodyne, heterogamy, heterogeneous, heterogenous, heteromorphic, heteronym, Heteroptera, heterosexual, superheterodyne compare homo– || From Gr hetero– : other, different From heteros : the other one (of two)

hex– {six}: hexachlorophene, hexad, hexadecimal, hexaemeron, hexagon, hexagram, hexahedron, hexamerous, hexameter, hexane, hexapod, hexastich, hexavalent unrelated: hex see also sex–2 || From Gr hex : six

hibern– {winter}: hibernaculum, hibernal, hibernate unrelated: Hibernia compare estiv–, vern– || From L hībernus : of winter, wintry To hībernare : to spend the winter

hibit– {to have, to hold}: adhibit, exhibit, inhibit, prohibit same as habit– see also habil– || From L –hibitum, pp. of –hibēre (comb. form) From habēre : to have, to hold

hier– {sacred}: hierarchy, hieroglyph, Hieronymus, hierophant || From Gr hieros : sacred, holy

hilar– {happy, cheerful}: exhilarate, hilarious, hilarity, Hilary || From L hilarus, hilaris From Gr hilaros : cheerful, merry

hild– {battle}: Brunhilde, Clothilde, Hilda, Hildegarde, Mathilda || From Gmc *hild– : battle, war

hind– {back, rear, behind}: behind, hind, hinder, hindmost, hindquarters, hindrance, hindsight hinterland || From OE From Gmc root

hipp– {horse}: Eohippus, hipparch, hippocampus, hippodrome, hippogriff, hippopotamus || From Gr hippos : horse From IE *ekwos‒ : horse

hist(o)– {tissue}: antihistamine, histamine, histidine, histiocyte, histochemistry, histogen, histology, histolysis, histopathology || From Gr histos : loom, web

histor– {learning, history, story}: historian, historiographer, history, polyhistor, prehistoric see also stor–2 || From L historia : an inquiry, hence: the results of an inquiry From Gr historia : a learning by inquiry, narrative From histōr : knowing, learned

hod– see od–1

hol– {whole, entirely}: catholic, holistic, holocaust, Holocene, hologram, holography, whole || From Gr holos : whole

hold– {to have, to hold}: behold, beholden, hold, holdings, holdout, holdover, holdup, household, leasehold, withhold || From ME holden From Anglian OE haldan & West Saxon healdan : to hold

hom– {man, mankind}: bonhomie, Bon Homme Richard, ecce homo, homage, homicide, hominid, Homo Sapiens, homunculus Fr. homme Span. hombre It. uomo see also hum–1 || From L homo : man (human) From IE *dhghem– (*ĝhthem–) : earth, ground

homeo– {same}: homeomorphism, homeopathy, homeostasis, homeotypic same as homo– compare allo– || From Gr homoio– (comb. form) From homos : same

homil– {sermon, preaching}: homiletics, homily || From LL(Ec) From homilia : sermon From Gr homilia : discourse, instruction, sermon From homilos : assembly

homo– {same}: homogeneous, homogenize, homogenous, homograph, homologous, homonym, homophone, homosexual anomalous, anomaly same as homeo– see also homolo– compare hetero– || From Gr homos (comb. form homoio–) : same

homolo– {even, flat, level}: homolographic, homolosine see also homo– || From Gr homalos : even, level; akin to homos : same

hon– {honor}: honest, honor, honorable, honorarium, honorary, honorific || From L honor, honos : honor, repute, esteem, mark of respect To honestus : honored, in good repute, honorable, proper

hor– {hour}: horal, horary, horology, horoscope || From L hora : hour, time

horr– {to bristle, to tremble, to cause fear or loathing}: abhorrent, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrify, horripilation, horror abhor || From L horrēre : to bristle, (of hair) to stand on end, to be afraid To horrendus : horrible, frightful, dreadful; horribilis : horrible, frightful; horror : a bristling, a shuddering

hors– {outside}: hors de combat, hors d’oeuvre same as for–1 || From Fr hors : outside From L foris : out-of-doors To forum : outdoor area, marketplace

hort–1 {garden}: Hortense, horticulture orchard, ortolan || From L hortus : garden To VL orto To OE ortgeard To ME orchard

hort–2 {to urge}: exhort, hortative, hortatory || From L hortari : to exhort, incite, encourage To hortātio : exhortation, encouragement

hosp– {host}: hospice, hospital, hospitable, hospitality see also host–2 || From L hospitālis : of a guest or host From hospes : host, guest

host–1 {army, enemy}: host (great number), hostage, hostile, hostility || From ML hostis : army, hostile force From earlier meaning: stranger

host–2 {receiver of guests}: host, hostel, hostess, hostler Fr. hôte, thus: hotel same as hosp– || From OFr From L hospes (gen hospitis) : guest

hum–1 {earth, ground, soil}: exhume, humble, humiliate, humility, humus, inhume, posthumous, transhumance || From L humus : ground, earth, soil To humare : to cover with earth, to bury; humilis : not high above the ground, humble, mean

hum–2 {moisture, fluid}: aqueous humor, humectant, humid, humidify, humidor, humor, humorous, vitreous humor || From L ūmor, hūmor : moisture, fluid From ūmēre, hūmēre : to be wet, to moisten, to water

hum–3 {human}: dehumanize, human, humane, humanity see also hom– || From L humānus : human, of humanity; akin to homo : man (human) From IE *dhghem– (*ĝhthem‒) : earth, ground

hyal– {glass, transparent}: hyalin, hyalite, hyalogen, hyaloid, hyaloplasm, hyaluronidase || From Gr hyalos : glass

hybrid– {offspring of mixed descent}: hybrid, hybridize, hybridoma || From Gr hybrida : offspring of mixed parentage

hydr– {water}: anhydrous, carbohydrate, dehydrate, hydrangea, hydrant, hydrate, hydraulic, hydrocarbon, hydrofoil, hydrogen, hydrophobia || From Gr hydōr : water

hygr– {moisture}: euryhygric, hygrometer, hygroscope, stenohygric || From Gr hygros : wet, moist

hymen– {membrane}: hymen, Hymen, hymeneal, hymenium, Hymenoptera || From Gr hymēn : membrane

hymn– {sacred song}: hymn, hymnal, hymnody, Polyhymnia || From LL(Ec) : hymnus From Gr hymnos : hymn, festive song, ode

hyper– {over, excess}: hyperactive, hyperbola, hyperbole, hyperborean, hypercritical, hyperkinesia, hypertension, hyperthyroid, hyperventilate compare hypo– || From Gr hyper : over, above

hypn– {sleep}: hypnagogic, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic, hypnotize || From Gr hypnos : sleep

hyp(o)– {under, insufficient}: hyphen, hypocaust, hypochondriac, hypocrite, hypodermic, hypogeal, hypoglycemia, hypotenuse, hypothermia, hypothesis, hypothetical, hypothyroid compare hyper– || From Gr hypo : under, less than

hypso– {height}: hypsography, hypsometer, hypsometry || From Gr hypsos : height

hyster–1 {uterus}: hysterectomy, hysteria, hysterical, hysterotomy || From Gr hystera : uterus, womb To hysterikos : suffering in the womb, hysterical

hyster–2 {latter, behind}: hysteresis, hysteron proteron compare protero– || From Gr hysteros : later, latter, behind

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† Unknown origin

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