The Cognātarium

iamb– {iamb [a metrical foot]}: choriamb, iamb, iambus || From L From Gr iambos : iamb From

iatr– {physician, medicine}: bariatrics, geriatric, iatrogenic, pediatrician, podiatry, psychiatry || From Gr iatros : physician & iatreia : healing; both From iasthai : to cure, to heal

ichn– {track, footprint, trace}: ichneumon, ichnite, ichnography, ichnology || From Gr ichneuein to track, to hunt after From ichnos : track, footprint

ichthy– {fish}: Chondrichthyes, ichthyic, ichthyoid, ichthyolite, ichthyology, ichthyophagous, ichthyornis, ichthyosaur, ichthyosis || From Gr ichthys : fish

icon– {image, likeness}: icon, iconoclast, iconography, iconolatry, iconology aniseikonia || From Gr eikōn : image, figure; in LGr, sacred image

id– {form, image [physical or mental]}: idea, ideal, idealistic, ideally, ideate, idée fixe, ideo–, idol, idolatry, idolize same as eid–, oid– || From Gr eidos : what is seen, shape, form To idea : appearance, form, idea

idem–, ident– {same}: ibidem, idem, identical, identify, identity || From L idem : the same • ident– From LL identitās coined (infl. by essentitās : being & identidem : repeatedly) From idem

ident– see idem–

ideo– {mental image, idea, thought}: ideogram, ideograph, ideologue, ideology, ideomotor, ideophone part of id– || From Gr eidos : what is seen, shape, form

idio– {individuality, pecularity}: idiolect, idiom, idiomatic, idioplasm, idiosyncrasy, idiot || From Gr idio– From idios : one’s own, personal, private

ig– {to do, to act, to drive}: ambiguous, castigate, exigency, exigent, fumigate, intransigent, litigate, navigate, prodigal same as act–, ag– || From L –igere (comb. form) From agere : to set in motion, to drive

ign– {fire}: Ignatius, igneous, ignis fatuus, ignite, ignition, preignition || From L ignis : fire To ignire (pp. ignitus) : to set on fire; igneus : fiery, burning

ill– {diminutive}: armadillo, bacillus, guerrilla, peccadillo, penicillin pencil || From L –illum, –illa, –illus : diminutive-forming suffixes

im– {superlative word form}: fortissimo, intimate, maximum, minimum, optimum, pessimism, pianissimo, prime, ultimate same as eme–2 see also Appendix C || From L superlative-forming word forms; e.g. maximus From magnus : great; infimus From inferus : below; intimus From in : in. fortissimo & pianissimo From It, using the same form

imag– {image, copy, likeness}: image, imaginary, imagine, imago || From L imāgo : image, copy, likeness; hence: mental picture, idea, concept To imāginari : to imagine, to conceive; imāginātio : imagination, fancy

imit– {to imitate, to copy}: imitate, imitation, inimitable || From L imitari : to imitate, to copy To imitātio : copy, imitation

imper– {to command}: imperative, imperial, imperious, imperium emperor, empire comb. of in– (in) + par–4 (to prepare) || From L imperare : to order, to give orders, to rule, to command ( To imperium : a command, order; imperātor : commander, commander-in-chief) From in– : in + parare : to prepare

ind– {India}: India, Indian, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indic, Indies (East, West), indigo, indium, Indo-Aryan, Indo-European, Indochina, Indonesia, tamarind Hindi, Hindu || From Gr India : India From Indos : Indus river From OPers Hindu : India From Hindi

infr– {below, beneath}: inferior, infernal, inferno, infra dig, infrared, infrastructure compare supr– see also Appendix B || From L inferus : below To infernus : that which is or comes from below; compar. inferior, superl. infimus

init– {to go in, to begin, to start}: ab initio, initial, initialize, initiate, initiative part of it– || From L initum (pp. of inīre) : to go in From in– : in + īre : to go

insul– {island}: insular, insulate, insulin, peninsula isle, isolate || From L insula : island

integr– {whole, complete, perfect}: disintegrate, integer, integral, integrand, integrate, integrity, redintegrate entire see also tang– || From L integer (fem. integra, neut. integrum) : whole, entire, intact, unspoiled From in– : not + tangere : to touch

inter– {inside, between}: inter alia, intercept, intercourse, interdict, interest (all senses), interfere, interferon, interim, interior, interject, interleave, interloper, interlude, intermediate, intermission, intermittent, intern, internal, internecine, interpret, interrogate, interrupt, intersect, intersperse, interstice, interval, intervene intrinsic see also intr– || From L inter : between, among (compar. interior, superl. intimus); akin to intra : inside, within

intr– see inter–, intra–, intro– same as entr–1 compare extr– see also Appendix B

intra– {within, inside}: Intracoastal Waterway, intramural, intrastate, intrauterine, intravenous see also intr– || From L intrā : within, inside; akin to inter : between, among

intro– {inward, within}: introduce, introit, introrse, introspective, introvert see also intr– || From L intrō : inward, within From intrare (1st pers. sing. intro) : to go in, to enter

ion– {to go, hence: ion [ions go to an electrical charge]}: anion, cation, ion, ionize, ionophore, ionosonde, ionosphere, thermionic || From Gr iōn, prp. of ienai : to go

ips– {self}: ipse dixit, ipsilateral, ipsissima verba, ipso facto, ipso jure, res ipsa loquitur, solipsism || From L ipse : self

ir– {anger, wrath}: Dies Irae, irascible, irate, ire || From L īra : wrath, anger From īrasci : to become angry

iren– {peace}: Irene, irenic, irenics || From Gr eirēnē : peace

irid– see iris–

iris–, irid– {rainbow, iris}: irid, iridectomy, iridescent, iridic, iridium, iris || From Gr iris (gen. iridos) : rainbow

ischi– {hip, hip joint}: ischium, Ornithischia, Saurischia || From Gr ischion : hip, hip joint

isk– {diminutive}: asterisk, basilisk || From L –iscus From Gr –iskos : diminutive suffix

ism– {suffix forming nouns indicating an act, practice, condition, belief, state, etc.}: albinism, altruism, anachronism, animism, capitalism, catechism, communism, deism, egotism, embolism, euphemism, existentialism, feudalism, hedonism, journalism, Judaism, malapropism, mechanism, metabolism, mysticism, neologism, nihilism, noctambulism, optimism, organism, ostracism, pantheism, recidivism, rheumatism, socialism, solipsism, witticism this list is not exhaustive see also ist– || From ME –isme From OFr From L –isma & –ismus From Gr –isma & –ismos : a suffix of action or state, forming nouns from verbs ending in –izein From

is(o)– {equal}: aniseikonia, anisometric, anisometropia, isobar, isobath, isogloss, isogonic, isomer, isometric, isometropia, Isopoda, isopropyl, Isoptera, isosceles, isotherm, isotonic, isotope, istotropic compare aniso– || From Gr isos : equal

ist– {a suffix forming nouns indicating a person who does or makes the specified thing; who adheres to a particular doctrine or practice; or a person occupied with, or an expert in a field}: activist, artist, atheist, Baptist, chemist, chiropodist, cyclist, dentist, evangelist, extremist, feminist, florist, funambulist, idealist, irredentist, jurist, linguist, machinist, Methodist, misogynist, nudist, pacifist, pessimist, pharmacist, philanthropist, physicist, pianist, protagonist, scientist, sexist, Sinologist, somnambulist, therapist, ventriloquist this list is not exhaustive AmSpan –ista (e.g. Sandinista, Peronista) see also ism– || From ME –iste From OFr From L –ista From Gr –istēs : agential suffix for verbs ending in –izein From

it– {to go}: adit, ambit, ambition, circuit, circuitous, coitus, exit, initiate (→init–), introit, itinerant, itinerary, obiter dictum, obituary, preterit, sedition, transit, transition, transitive perish, praetor unrelated: comity more at comit– || From L itum, pp. of īre : to go ( To iter [gen. itineris] : a going, a walk, a way) From IE *ei– : to go

iter– {again, a second time}: iterate, iterative, reiterate || From L iteratus, pp of iterare : to repeat, to do a second time From iterum : again, a second time

itis– {inflammation}: appendicitis, arthritis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, enteritis, gastritis, laryngitis, neuritis, otitis, tonsillitis || From Gr –itis, fem. of –itēs : pertaining to; term adopted in ModL to mean disease, inflammation

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