The Cognātarium

jac– {to throw, to lay}: ejaculate, jactation, jactitation more at jacent– same as ject–, jet– || From L iacere, jacere (pp. iactum, jactum) : to throw, to lay

jacent– {to throw oneself down, to lie down}: adjacent, subjacent, superjacent joist part of jac– || From L iacere, jacere (pp. iactum, jactum) : to throw, to lay

jah– {Jehovah}: Elijah, hallelujah Yahweh same as jo– || From Heb jah– From yah– : Jehovah

jan– {doorway, passageway}: janitor, January, Janus || From L iānus, jānus : gate, covered passageway To iānua, jānua : door; January is named for Janus, guardian of portals

ject– {to throw}: abject, adjective, conjecture, deject, eject, inject, interject, object, objection, objective, project, projectile, reject, subject, subjective, traject, trajectory same as jac–, jet– || From L –icere (pp. –iectum, –jectum) (comb. form) From iacere, jacere (pp. iactum, jactum) : to throw, to lay

jejun– {empty}: jejune, jejunectomy, jejunostomy, jejunum || From L jējūnus : meager, dry, fasting

jet– {to throw}: jet, jetsam, jettison, jetty, objet d’art jut, parget unrelated: jet (black) same as jac–, ject– || From OFr jeter : to throw away From VL jectare for L iactare, freq. of iacere : to throw

jo– {the Lord, Jehovah [in names of Hebraic origin]}: Joan, Joanna, Joel, Johann, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah unrelated: Jonah, Jonas same as jah– || From Heb yō– : stem From Jehovah

joc– {to be merry, to jest}: jocose, jocular, jocund joke, joker, Joyce || From L iocus, jocus : joke, jest, game To ioculāris : jocular, laughable

join– {to join}: adjoin, conjoin, disjointed, enjoin, join, joinder, joiner, joint, jointure, nonjoinder, rejoinder, subjoin same as junct– see also jug– compare sever–2 || From ME joinen From OFr joindre From L iungere, jungere (pp. iunctum, junctum) : to bind together, to yoke, to join

journ– {day}: adjourn, journal, journalism, journey, journeyman, sojourn Fr. jour from diurnal, part of di–3 || From ME journal : breviary From OFr journal From L diurnālis, gen. of diurnum : journal, daybook From L diēs : day

jov– {the god Jove [Jupiter]}: Jove, jovial, Jovian || From LL Ioviālis, used as gen. of Iuppiter : Jupiter, chief god of the Romans

jubil– {to shout for joy}: jubilant, jubilation, jubilee || From L iubilāre : to shout for joy • jubilee ult. From Heb yōbēl : ram’s horn, jubilee; but meaning influenced by iubilāre

jud– {Judah, son of Jacob, who was progenitor of the Jews}: Judah, Judaic, Judaism, Judas, Jude, Judea, Judeo-Christian, Judith, Judy Jew, Yiddish Ger. Jude || From L Iūdaeus From Gr(Ec) Ioudaios : Jewish From Heb yehūdi : a person of the tribe or kingdom of Judah

judg– {to judge}: adjudge, judge, judgment, misjudge, prejudge same as judic– || From ME juge From OFr From L iudex : judge From iūs (gen iūris) : law, right + dīcere (comb. form –dicare) : to indicate, to speak

judic– {to speak the law, to judge}: adjudicate, judicable, judicial, judiciary, judicious, prejudice, prejudicial comb. of jur– + dic–1 same as judg– || From L iūdicare : to judge From iudex : a judge From iūs (gen iūris) : law, right + dīcere (comb. form –dicare) : to indicate, to speak

jug– {to join, yoke}: conjugal, conjugate, jugular, jugum, subjugate see also join–, junct– || From L iugare : to bind together, to couple, to yoke From iugum : yoke, collar; akin to iungere (pp. iunctum) : to join, to unite

junct– {to join}: adjunct, conjunction, conjunctiva, disjunction, injunction, junction, juncture, subjunctive Span. junta same as join– see also jug– || From L iunctum, pp. of iungere : to yoke, to mate, to join To iunctus : joined, connected To iunctio : a joining, connection

jur– {law, to swear, to take an oath}: abjure, adjure, conjure, injure, juratory, juridical, jurisconsult, jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jurist, juror, jury, objurgate, perjure, sui juris more at judic– same as just– || From L iūrare : to swear an oath ( From iūs (gen. iūris) : court of law, justice) To iūridiciālis : relating to right or justice; iūrisdictio : administration of justice

just– {right, lawful, proper}: just, justice, justiciary, justify, Justin unrelated: adjust same as jur– || From L iustus : just, equitable, fair From iūs : law, right To iustitia : justice, fairness, equity

juven– {young}: juvenal, juvenile, rejuvenate junior Ger. jung Fr. jeune See also Appendix C compare sen– || From L iuvenis : young, youthful, young man or woman

juxt– {to approach, near, close by}: juxtaposition adjust, joust || From L iuxtā : near, beside, close by

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† Unknown origin

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