The Cognātarium

m– {me}: madam(e), madonna, me, milady, mine, my, myself Fr. mademoiselle, moi, mon, Monsieur Ger. mein, mich, mir || From IE *me– : first person singular pronoun To L meus : mine

machin–, mechan– {to devise, to contrive}: deus ex machina, machination, machine, machinery, machinist, mechanic, mechanical, mechanism, mechanize || From L māchina : machine, artificial contrivance for doing work To māchinari : to contrive, to invent, to devise From Gr mēchanē : machine, engine From mēchos : a contrivance

machy– {fight, battle}: Gigantomachy, logomachy, naumachy, tauromachy, Titanomachy || From Gr machē : battle

macro– {long, large}: macrobiotics, macrocephaly, macroclimate, macrocosm, macrocyte, macroeconomics, macron, macrophage, macroscopic amphimacer compare micro– || From Gr makros : long

macula– {spot, stain}: immaculate, macula, maculate, maculation || From L macula : spot, stain, blemish, fault To maculare : to make spotted, to stain, to defile

mag– {to be able, to have power}: Magi, magic, magician || From L magus : magical From magus : a learned man among the Persians From Gr magos From OPers magus : member of a priestly class, magician From IE magh– : to be able, to have power

magistr– {master}: magisterial, magisterium, magistral, magistrate master see also magn–, mistr– compare ministr– || From L magister : master, chief, head ( To magistrātus : the office of a magister, magistrate, state official) From magnus : great From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

magn– {great}: Charlemagne, Magna Charta, magna cum laude, magnanimous, magnate, Magnavox™, Magnificat, magnificent, magnify, magniloquence, magnitude, magnum, magnum opus unrelated: magnesium, magnet comparative form: major– superlative form: maxim– see also magistr–, maha–, mega– compare min–2 See also Appendix C || From L magnus : great, large (compar. maior, superl. maximus) From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

mah(a)– {great}: maharani, maharajah, maharishi, mahatma, Mahayana, mahout see also magn– || From Sans maha– : great; akin to L magnus From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

maieus–, maieut– {pregnancy, birth}: maieusiophilia, maieutic || From Gr maieutikos : obstetric From maieuesthai : to act as a midwife From maia : midwife, nurse From prob. IE *mā– : mother

main– {hand}: coup de main, legerdemain, maintain, maintenance Fr. main same as man–1 || From OFr main From L manu–, abl. of manus : hand From IE *man– : hand

maj(or)– {greater}: force majeure, majesty, major, Majorca, majority, majuscule mayor comparative of magn– compare minor– See also Appendix C || From L maior : greater; compar. of magnus : great From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

mal– {bad, ill}: dismal, grand mal, maladjusted, maladroit, malady, malaise, malapropism, malapropos, malaria, malcontent, malediction, malefactor, malefic, malfeasance, malevolent, malformed, malfunction, malice, malicious, malign, malignant, malinger, Malleus Maleficarum, malnutrition, malodorous, malpractice, maltreat, malware comparative form: pejor– superlative form: pessim– compare bon–, ben–1 See also Appendix C || From L malus : bad, evil (compar. peior, superl. pessimus)

malac– {soft, hence: mollusk}: malacology, Malacosoma, malacostracan, osteomalacia, spondylomalacia see also moll– || From Gr malakos : soft

mall– {hammer}: malleable, malleolus, mallet, malleus, Malleus Maleficarum, pall-mall maul || From L malleus : hammer From IE *melə– : to crush, to grind

mamm– {breast}: mammal, mammaplasty, mammary, mammogram, mammography || From L mamma : breast From IE *mā– : mother; echoic of a baby’s cry for the breast

man–1 {hand}: amanuensis, emancipate, manacle, manage, manciple, mandate (→mand–), maneuver, manicure, manifest, manifesto, manipulate, manner, mannerism, mansuetude, manual, manufacture, manumit, manure, manus, manuscript Span. mano Fr. main same as main– || From L manus : hand To manuālis : fitted to the hand, thrown by hand From IE *man– : hand

man–2 {to remain, to dwell}: immanent, manor, manse, mansion, permanent remain, remainder, remnant same as men–2 || From L manēre (pp. mansum) : to remain, to stay, to wait for

man–3 {rare, thin, sparse; pressure [of a gas]}: manometer, manoscopy, manostat, sphygmomanometer || From Gr manos : rare (in the sense of thin, sparse)

manc–, mant–1 {divination, sorcery}: aeromancy, ailuromancy, amniomancy, astromancy, bibliomancy, cartomancy, chiromancy, geomancy, hydromancy, mantic, mantis, margaritomancy, necromancy, oneiromancy, ophiomancy, onomancy, osteomancy, rhabdomancy, et al. unrelated: romance || From OFr –mancie (comb. form) From Gr manteia : divination, prophecy From mantis : prophet, seer

mand– {to command, to order}: command, commandant, commandeer, commando, countermand, demand, mandamus, mandate, mandatory, remand commodore comb. of man–1 + dat– same as mend–1 || From L mandare : to commit to one’s charge, to command, to commission From manus : hand + dare (pp. datum) : to give

mang– {to chew}: blancmange, mange, manger, mangy mandible unrelated: mangle || From L manducare : to eat From mandere : to chew

mani– {many}: manifold, many || From OE manig : many From IE *menegh– : many, abundant

mania– {madness, to rage}: Beatlemania, bibliokleptomaniac, decalcomania, dipsomania, egomaniac, kleptomania, mania, megalomania, monomania, nymphomania || From Gr mania : madness From mainesthai : to rage

mann– {manna}: manna, mannite, mannitol, mannose || From Aram mannā From Heb mān : manna

mant–1 see manc–

mant–2 {cloak, covering}: dismantle, manta, manteau, mantel, mantelpiece, mantilla, mantle, mantua, portmanteau || From L mantellum : covering, cloak

mar–1 {sea}: aquamarine, mare (sea), mare clausum, mare liberum, mare nostrum, mariculture, marina, marinade, marinate, marine, mariner, maritime, Marlin, Marlow, marsh, Marvin, rosemary, submarine, ultramarine see also mer–1 || From L mare : sea

mar–2 {horse}: mare (horse), marshal (all senses), Marshal || From OE mere, fem. of mearh : horse

marc–1 {boundary, to mark off a boundary}: demarcation, march (all senses), marchese, marchioness same as marqu– || From OE, Sp, Fr, It; various paths, all ult. From Gmc root marka : to mark off boundaries, a boundary mark

marc–2 {Mars, god of war}: Marcel, March, Marcia (Marsha), Marcus, Marcy Mark same as mart– || From L Mars (gen. Martis) : Mars, god of war and agriculture, father of Romulus, progenitor of the Romans

margar– {pearl}: Margaret, margaric acid, margarine, Margarita, margarite, margaritomancy Margery (Marjory), Margo(t), Marguerite, marguerite || From L margarīta From Gr margaritēs From margaron : pearl; akin to or from Sans manjram : pearl

margin– {boundary, border}: emarginate, margent, margin, marginalia see also marc–1, marqu– || From L margo (gen. marginis) : border, edge, boundary; akin to Gmc marka : boundary

mari– {Mary}: Maria, Marian, Marie, Marietta, marigold, Marilyn, Marion, marionette, Mary Maureen, Miriam || From ME Marie From OE From LL(Ec) Maria From Gr Maria, Mariam From Heb Miryām or Aram Maryām : original meaning uncertain

marqu– {boundary, boundary marker, mark, sign, token, pledge}: marque (all senses), marquee, marquess, marquetry, marquis, marquise, marquisette same as marc–1 || From Fr marquer : to mark & marquis : prefect of a border town; From ult. old Gmc root marka : to mark off boundaries, a boundary mark

mart– {Mars, god of war, hence: military, of war}: martial, Martian, martin, Martin same as marc–2 || From L Martis, gen. of Mars : Mars, god of war and agriculture, father of Romulus, progenitor of the Romans

masc–, mask–, masqu– {mask}: antimasque, mascara, mask, masque, masquerade unrelated: mascot || From Fr masque From It maschera, mascara : mask; prob. From Ar maskhara : clown, buffoonery •mascara From Sp From It mascara

mascul– {male}: emasculate, masculine Span. macho compare fem– || From L masculus, dim of mas : male (opp. of fēmina : female)

mask– see masc–

masqu– see masc–

mass– {lump, bulk}: amass, biomass, en masse, mass, massif, massive unrelated: mass (church rite), massacre, massage, massé || From L massa : lump, mass From Gr maza : barley cake From massein : to knead

mast– {breast, nipple}: mastectomy, mastitis, mastodon, mastoid || From Gr mastos : breast

mat– {the will, willing}: automat, automatic, automation, automaton || From Gr auto– : self + –matos : willing

math– {to learn}: chrestomathy, mathematician, mathematics, polymath || From Gr manthanein : to learn (stem math–) To manthēma : what is learned

matin– {morning, daytime}: matinal, matinée, matins || From OFr matin : morning; ult. From L matūtīnus : early in the morning From Mātūta : goddess of the dawn and early morning

matr– {mother}: alma mater, dura mater, material, matériel, maternal, maternity, matriarch, matricide, matriculate, matrilineal, matrilocal, matrimony, matrix, matron, pia mater matter Span. madre Ger. Mutter see also metr–2 compare patr– || From L māter : mother From IE *māter– : mother From *mā– : mother; echoic of a baby’s cry for the breast

maxill– {jaw, upper jaw}: maxilla, maxillary, maxilliped, maxillofacial || From L maxilla : jawbone

maxim– {greatest}: maxim, maximal, Maximilian, maximize, maximum Maxine, maxiskirt superlative of magn– compare minim– See also Appendix C || From L maximus : greatest, largest; superl. of magnus : great From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

mazd– {wise}: Ahura Mazda, Mazdaism, Ormazd || From Avestan mazda : wise

mea– {to pass through}: impermeable, meatus, permeate || From L meare : to go, to pass To meātus : a going, a way, a path

meal– {meal [milled grain]}: meal (milled grain), mealy, oatmeal unrelated: meal (food served and eaten) see also mol–2 || From ME mele From OE melu; akin to Ger mehl

mean– see men–3

mec– {length, long}: Mecoptera, paramecium compare brachy– || From Gr mēkos : length

mechan– see machin–

med– {to heal}: medical, medicament, Medicare, medicate, medicinal, medicine, remedial, remedy || From L medēri : to heal, to cure To medicus : healing, medicinal, physician; medicari : to heal, to cure; medicinus : of the art of healing, means of healing; remedium : a means of healing, remedy

medi– {between, middle}: immediate, in medias res, intermediary, intermediate, media, median, mediate, medieval, mediocre, Mediterranean, medium, multimedia same as meri–, mezz– see also meso–, mid– || From L medius : middle, intermediate To medium : the middle From IE *medhyo– : middle

medit– {to meditate, to think deeply}: meditate, premeditate || From L meditari : to think over, to consider, to meditate To meditātio (gen. meditātōnis) : a meditation, a contemplation

medl– {to mix}: meddle, medley same as mel–2, misc–, mix– || From OFr medler From mesler : to mix From VL misculare From L miscēre (pp. mixtum) : to mix, to mingle From IE *meik– or *meig– : to mix

mega– {great, large, one million}: mega– (10⁶), megabyte, megacycle, megalith, megaphone, megathere, megaton, megawatt, omega superlative form: megist– extended form: megalo– see also magn– || From Gr megas : great, mighty From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

megal(o)– {large, very large, abnormally large}: acromegaly, cardiomegaly, megalocardia, megalomania, megalopolis, megalosaur extension of mega– || From Gr megal–, comb. form of megas : great, mighty From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

megist– {greatest}: Hermes Trismegistus Almagest superlative of mega– || From Gr megistos, superl. of megas : great, mighty From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

meio– {smaller, to make smaller, less}: meiosis Miocene unrelated: miosis see also min–2 || From Gr meiōn : less From IE *mei– : small

mel–1 {honey, sweet}: caramel, diabetes mellitus, hydromel, mel, melilot, Melissa, melliferous, mellifluous, oenomel molasses || From L mel : honey, sweetness To mellītus : honeyed, as sweet as honey From IE *melit– : honey

mel–2 {to mix}: mélange, melee same as medl–, misc–, mix– || From OFr mesler : to mix From VL misculare From L miscēre (pp. mixtum) : to mix, to mingle From IE *meik– or *meig– : to mix

mel–3 {song}: melic, melisma, melodious, melodrama, melody, Melpomene, Philomela || From Gr melos : tune, song

melan– {black}: melancholy, Melanesia, Melanie, melanin, melanoma, melatonin, psilomelane compare leuk– || From Gr melas (gen. melanos) : black

melior– {better}: ameliorant, ameliorate, meliorate, meliorism comparative of ben–1, bon– compare pejor– See also Appendix C || From L melior : better; (compar. of bonus : good) & melius (compar. of bene : well) From IE *mel– : strong, great

membr– {body part}: dismember, member, membership, membrane unrelated: remember || From L membrum : a limb or member of the body, hence: a member of part of anything To membrāna : a thin skin, film, membrane

memor– {to remember}: commemorate, immemorial, in memoriam, memoir, memorabilia, memorable, memorandum, memorial, memorize, memory remember || From L memor : mindful, remembering To memoria : memory, the capacity for remembering, a time of remembrance

men–1 {moon, month}: amenorrhea, catamenia, dysmenorrhea, emmenagogue, menarche, meniscus, menology, menopause, menorrhagia, menses, menstrual, menstruate, menstruum semester see also mon–1 || From L mensis : month ( To menstruus : monthly) & Gr mēn : month From IE *mēn– : moon, month From *mē– : to measure

men–2 {household, to dwell}: ménage, ménage à trois, ménagerie, menial same as man–2 || From OFr with meanings related to household, ult. From L mansio : a remaining, a stay, soujourn From manēre (pp. mansum) : to remain, to stay, to dwell From IE *men– : to remain

men–3, mean– {to project, to threaten, to drive, to lead, to conduct}: amenable, demean (to conduct or comport), demeanor, menace, misdemeanor, promenade unrelated: amenity, demean (debase) same as min–1 || From L mener: to lead From minare : to drive (animals) From minari : to threaten From minae : threats (orig. projecting points of walls) From IE *men– : to project

mend–1 {to command, to order}: commend, commendation, recommend same as mand– || From L commendare : to give in one’s charge, to commit, to entrust From cum : with, together + mandare : to commit to one’s charge, to command, to commission From manus : hand + dare : to give

mend–2 {defect, fault}: amend, amendment, emend, mend || From L mendum : fault, blemish, error

mening– {membrane}: meninges, meningioma, meningitis, meningococcus || From ModL, pl. of meninx From Gr mēninx (gen. mēningos) : membrane (akin to L membrum : body part) From IE *mēmsno– From *mēms– : flesh, meat

mens– {to measure}: commensurate, dimension, immense, mensural, mensuration see also metr–1 || From L mensūra : a measuring, amount, measure From mensus, pp. of mētiri : to measure; akin to Gr metron : measure

mensa– {table}: commensal, ectocommensal, Mensa, mensal || From L mensa : table

ment– {the mind, mental powers}: ament, amentia, demented, dementia, mental, mention, non compos mentis unrelated: mentor || From L mentis, gen of mens : mind, intellect, understanding, reason From IE *men‒ : to think, thought

menth– {mint}: crème de menthe, menthene, menthol || From L menta, mentha : mint

mer–1 {sea}: mal de mer, Meredith, mermaid, merman, Mervin meerschaum Ger. Meer see also mar–1 || From OE mere : sea, lake From Gmc root

mer–2, mero– {part, division}: allomerism, blastomere, ectomere, isomer, meristem, meristic, meroblastic, merocrine, meromorphic, meroplankton, –merous (e.g. trimerous), merozoite, pentamerous, polymer, telomere || From Gr meros : a part

merc– {commerce, payment; also, Mercury, god of commerce}: amerce, commerce, commercial, mercantile, mercaptan, Merced, Mercedes, mercenary, mercer, merchandise, merchant, merciful, mercurial, Mercury, mercury, mercy market Sp. mercado || From L mercare : to carry on trade From merx (gen. mercis) To mercēs (gen. mercēdis) : wages, salary; mercēnārius : hired, mercenary

merg– {to dip}: emerge, emergency, merganser, merge, merger, submerge same as mers– || From L mergere (pp. mersum) : to dip, to plunge, immerse

meri– {middle}: meridian, meridional same as medi–, mezz–, see also meso–, mid– || From L meridiānus : of midday, meridian From merīdiēs : midday, noon From medius : middle ( From IE *medhyo– : middle) + diēs : day

merit– {to serve for hire, to deserve, to earn}: demerit, emeritus, merit, meritocracy, meritorious meretricious || From L meritum : merit, deserts, benefit From meritum, pp. of merēre : to deserve, to earn, to merit To meritōrius : earned from hire; meretrix : harlot (“to serve for hire”) To meretrīcius : of or relating to a harlot

mero– see mer–2

mers– {to dip}: demersal, emersion, immerse, submersible see also merg– || From L mersum, pp. of mergere : to dip, to plunge, immerse

mes(o)– {middle}: mesencephalon, mesenchyme, mesial, mesne, Mesoamerica, mesobenthos, mesoderm, Mesolithic, mesomorph, meson, mesophyll, Mesopotamia, mesosphere, mesothelioma, Mesozoic see also medi–, meri–, mezz–, mid– || From Gr mesos : middle From IE *medhyo– : middle

mess– {to send}: mess, message, messenger same as mise–, miss–, mit– || From OFr From L missus, a letting go, a sending From mittere (pp. missum) : to send, to dispatch, to let go; also: to throw, to fling (“to let go a thing being thrown”)

met– {measurement}: metage, mete (to allot, to apportion) see also metr–1 || From ME meten From OE metan : to allot, to distribute, to mete out

met(a)–, meth– {generally has the sense of ‘associated with or near, but somewhat removed,’ hence: above, beyond, over, after, behind, between, with, beside, changed from}: metabolism, metacarpus, metacenter, metamorphosis, metaphor, metaphrase, metaphysics, metapsychology, metastasis, metatarsus, metathesis, metazoan, metempsychosis, meteor–, method, methodical, Methodist, metonymy, metopic meta– becomes met– or meth– before a vowel || From Gr meta : along with, after, between, among

meteor– {sky}: meteor, meteoric, meteorite, meteorology, meteroid part of meta– meteor – a flash or streak of light in the sky caused by a meteoroid burning up in the atmosphere; meteoroid – a rock travelling through space, which burns when it enters the atmosphere and creates a meteor; meteorite – the remains of a meteoroid after hitting the surface of the earth; meteorology – the study of phenomena in the sky (i.e., weather) || From Gr meteōron, pl. meteōra : things in the air From meteōros : lifted up in the air From meta : beyond + eōra : a hovering in the air

meth–1 see meta–

meth–2 {methylene}: methadone, methamphetamine, methane, methanol, methaqualone, methyl, methylene part of methy– || From Gr methy : wine + hylē : wood

methy– {wine, alcohol, hence: wood alcohol [methanol]}: amethyst, methyl, methylene more at meth–2 || From Gr methy : wine + hylē : wood

metr–1 {measurement}: accelerometer, ametropia, anisometropia, asymmetrical, barometer, biometrics, centimeter, chronometer, diameter, dosimeter, dynamometer, econometrics, geometry, isometric, kilometer, meter, metrical, metrics, metronome, –metry, micrometer, millimeter, odometer, optometry, parameter, pentameter, perimeter, pluviometer, potentiometer, pyrometer, speedometer, symmetry, tachometer, telemetry, thermometer, trigonometry, voltmeter see also mens–, met– || From L metrum From Gr metrōn : measure

metr–2 {mother, uterus}: Demetrius, endometrium, metralgia, metritis, metropolis, metropolitan, metrorrhagia see also matr– || From Gr mētra : uterus From mētēr : mother

mezz– {middle}: intermezzo, mezzanine, mezzo-soprano, mezzotint mizzenmast same as medi– || From It mezzo From L medius : middle From IE *medhyo– : middle

micro– {small}: micro– (10⁻⁶), microbe, microbiology, microcosm, microdot, microfarad, microfilm, micrometer, micron, Micronesia, microorganism, microphage, microphone, microscope, microtome, microwave, omicron compare macro– || From Gr mikros : small

mid– {middle}: amid, amidst, mid–, middle, middling, midi, midst unrelated: midwife see also medi–, meri–, meso–, mezz– || From OE midd– : middle From Gmc root From IE *medhyo– : middle

migr– {to move from one home to another}: emigrant, emigrate, émigré, immigrant, immigrate, migrant, migrate, migratory, transmigrate unrelated: migraine || From L migrare : to remove from one place to another, to migrate

mil– {millet}: miliary, milium, millet mealie || From L milium : millet

milit– {soldier}: demilitarize, militant, military, militate, militia || From L mīlitare : to serve as a soldier, to be a soldier From mīles (gen. mīlitis) : solder To mīlitia : military service, warfare

mill– {thousand, one-thousandth}: mill ($.001), mille–feuille, millefiori, millenarian, millenary, millennium, millesimal, milli– (10⁻³), milliard, milliary, millibar, millier, milligram, millimeter, milliliter, million, millipede, milliwatt mil unrelated: millinery || From L mille : thousand

mim– {to imitate}: mime, mimeograph, mimesis, mimic, mimosa, pantomime || From Gr mimos : imitator, actor To mimeomai : I imitate

min–1 {to project, to threaten}: commination, éminence grise, eminent, imminent, preeminent, prominent same as men–3 || From L minere : to project, to add From minari : to threaten From minae : threats (orig. projecting points of walls)

min–2 see minim–, minor–, minu–

mine– {ore, to dig}: mine (excavation), mine (explosive weapon), miner, mineral, undermine || From VL mina From Celt

mini– {miniature, very small}: mini–, miniature, minibus, minicomputer, miniseries, miniskirt, minivan This stem has changed meaning from its original, probably due at least partially to etymological confusion with the Latin stems minor– and minu–. Originally a miniature was an illuminated manuscript painted with red-lead paint. See miniature in the Wikipedia. || From It miniatura : rubrication, illumination of manuscripts From ML From L miniātus : colored with red lead, painted vermilion From miniare to paint with red lead From minium : red lead From native Iberian word

minim– {smallest, least}: minim, minimal, minimize, minimum superlative of parv– compare maxim– See also Appendix C || From L minimum, neut. of minimus : least; superlative of parvus : small

ministr– {subordinate, servant, aide, to serve, to attend}: administer, administration, minister, ministry minestrone, minstrel see also minor– compare magistr– || From L minister : subordinate, servant, assistant ( To ministrare : to serve, to wait upon, to attend) From minor : smaller; compar. of parvus : small

minor– {smaller}: minor, Minorca, minority more at minu– comparative of parv– compare major– See also Appendix C || From L minor : smaller (comp. of parvus : small) From IE *minu– : smaller From *mei– : small

minu– {smaller, to make smaller}: comminute, diminuendo, diminution, diminutive, minuend, minus, minuscule, minute (all senses), minutiae diminish, menu, mince positive form: parv– superlative form: mimim– see also meio– See also Appendix C || From L minuere (pp. minūtum) : to make smaller, to lessen, to diminish From minus, neut. sing. of minor : smaller (comp. of parvus : small) From IE *minu– : smaller From *mei– : small

mir– {to behold with wonder}: admire, mirabile dictu, miracle, mirador, mirage, Miranda, mirror marvel unrelated: admiral || From L mīrari : to wonder, to be astonished at, to admire From mīrus : wonderful, astonishing, extraordinary To mīrāculum : wonderful thing, prodigy, miracle

mis– {bad, wrong, not}: misadventure, misalliance, misapprehend, misbegotten, misbehave, miscalculate, miscarry, miscast, mischance, mischief, misconception, misconduct, misconstrue, miscount, miscreant, misdeal, misdeed, misdemeanor, misfire, misfortune, misgiving, misguided, mishandle, mishap, misinterpret, misjudge, mislay, mislead, mismanage, misnomer, misplace, misprint, mispronounce, misquote, misrepresent, misrule, miss, misshapen, misspell, misstep, mistake, mistreat, mistrial, mistrust, misunderstand, misuse || From OE & OFr mis– : wrong, bad From Gmc root

misc– {to mix}: immiscible, miscegenation, miscellaneous, miscible, promiscuous Span. mestizo Ger. mischen same as medl–, mel–2, mix– || From L miscēre (pp. mixtum) : to mix, to mingle To miscellānea : a hash of different meats, hodgepodge, medley From IE *meik– or *meig– : to mix

mise– {to send}: compromise, demise, premise, promise, remise, surmise same as mess–, miss–, mit– || From OFr From L missum, pp. of mittere : to send, to dispatch, to let go; also: to throw, to fling (“to let go a thing being thrown”)

miser– {wretched, pitiable, to have pity}: commiserate, miser, miserable, Miserere, misericord, miserly, misery || From L miser : wretched, unhappy, miserable, pitiable To miserābilis : sad, wretched; miserēre : pity, compassion; misericordia : pity, compassion

mis(o)– {hatred}: misandry, misanthrope, misogamist, misogynist, misology, misoneism compare phil– || From Gr miso– From misein : to hate

miss– {to send}: admissible, admission, commissar, commissary, commission, commissure, demission, dismiss, emission, emissary, intermission, intromission, missal, missile, mission, missionary, missive, omission, permissible, permission, permissive, promissory, remiss, remission, submission, submissive, transmission mass (church rite) same as mess–, mise–, mit– || From OFr From L missus, a letting go, a sending From mittere (pp. missum) : to send, to dispatch, to let go To missio (gen. missiōnis) : a sending off or away; missilis : that can be thrown, missile

mistr– {master}: Mister, mistress (Mrs.) Miss (honorific) Ger. Meister Ital. maestro Fr. maître from master, from Lat. magister—see magistr– || From Fr maître : master & fem. maistre : mistress; both From L magister : master, chief, head ( To magistrātus : the office of a magister, magistrate, state official) From magnus : great From IE *meg(h)– : great, large

mit– {to send}: admit, commit, committee, demit, emit, intermittent, manumit, mittimus, noncommittal, omit, permit, pretermit, remit, remittance, submit, transmit same as mess–, mise–, miss– || From L mittere (pp. missum) : to send, to dispatch, to let go; also: to throw, to fling (“to let go a thing being thrown”). When a missile is released, it is committed.

mito– {thread}: amitosis, mitochondrion, mitosis || From Gr mitos : thread

mix– {to mix}: admix, amphimixis, commix, immix, mix, mixologist, mixture same as medl–, mel–2, misc– || From L mixtum, pp. of miscēre : to mix, to mingle To mixtūra : mixture From IE *meik‒ or *meig‒ : to mix

mnem– {to remember}: mnemonic, Mnemosyne see also amnes– || From Gr mnēmōn : mindul, remembering From mnasthai : to remember; akin to mimnēskein : to remember

mnes– see amnes–

mob– {to move}: automobile, immobile, immobilize, mob, mobile, mobilize same as moment–, mot–1, mov– || From L mōbilis : movable ( To mōbilitās : mobility) From movēre (pp. mōtum) : to move, to set in motion, to stir From IE *mew– or *meu– : to push away

mod– {to measure, to make fit}: accommodate, à la mode, commode, commodious, commodity, demodulate, modal, mode, model, modem, moderate, moderator, modern, modest, modicum, modify, modiste, modulate, module, modulus, modus operandi, modus vivendi, outmoded unrelated: commodore || From L mōdus : measure, standard of measurement, manner, mode, method To moderari : to set bounds, to regulate, to moderate To moderātio (gen. moderātiōnis) : moderating, restraining

mol–1 {mass, bulk, weight, burden}: demolish, demolition, mole (breakwater), mole (molecular weight), molecule, molest || From L mōles : large mass, dam, mole, trouble, burden To molestus : burdensome, troublesome

mol–2 {millstone, mill, to grind, milled grain}: emolument, immolate, mola (fish), molar (tooth), mold (soil), molder, mole (uterine mass), moline, ormolu multure Fr. moulin Sp. molino It. mulino || From L mola : millstone, meal (milled grain) To molaris : mill

moll– {soft}: emollient, mollescent, mollify, mollusk see also malac– || From L mollis : soft To LL mollificare : to soften

moment– {movement}: moment (all senses), momentary, momentous, momentum same as mob–, mot–1, mov– || From L mōmentum : movement, motion From (hypothetical) movimentum From movēre (pp. mōtum) : to move, to set in motion, to stir From IE *mew– or *meu– : to push away

mon–1 {moon}: Monday, month moon see also men–1 || • Monday & moon From OE mōna : moon • month From OE mōnath : month From Germanic menōth–; both ult. From IE *mēn– : moon, month From *mē– : to measure

mon–2 {to remind, to warn, to advise}: admonish, monition, monitor, monument, premonition, summon see also monstr– || From L monēre : to warn, to advise

mond–1 {hand, protection}: Edmond (Edmund), Osmond, Raymond || From Gmc mund– : hand, protection

mond–2 see mund–

mon(o)– {single}: carbon monoxide, monad, monadelphous, monandrous, monarch, monastery, monastic, monaural, monism, monk, monochrome, monocle, monocoque, monogamy, monogram, monolith, monologue, mononucleosis, monopolize, monopoly, monorail, monotheism, monotone, monotonous || From Gr mono– From monos : single, alone

mons– {mountain}: mons pubis, mons veneris same as mont–, mount– || From ModL From L mons (gen. montis) : mountain, hill From IE *mont– : mountain From *men– : to project

monstr– {portent, warning, advice, to admonish}: demonstrate, monster, monstrance, monstre sacré, monstrosity, monstrous, remonstrate see also mon–2 || From L monstrare : to show, to admonish, to warn From monstrum : divine portent of misfortune, monster From monēre : to admonish, to warn

mont– {mountain, to mount}: intermontane, montage, Montagnais, Montagnard, Montana, montane, monte, Monte Carlo, Montevideo, Montreal, piedmont, promontory, ultramontane, Vermont same as mons–, mount– || From Fr, It, Sp From L montis (gen. of mons) : mountain From IE *mont– : mountain From *men– : to project

mor–1 {custom, wont, conduct, manner}: amoral, demoralize, immoral, moral, morale, morality, moralize, mores, morose || From L mōris, gen. of mōs : custom, usage, wont, regular practice, rule, law To mōrālis : moral, ethical – coined by Cicero as a translation of Gr ēthikos : character, custom

mor–2 {foolish}: moron, oxymoron, sophomore, sophomoric compare soph– || From Gr mōros : foolish

mor–3 {morning}: morganatic, morgen, morning, morrow, tomorrow Ger. Morgen || From OE morgen : morning From Gmc root

mora– {delay}: mora, moratorium, moratory, remora same as mur–2 || From L mora : a delay, a space of time To morari : to delay, to linger, to retard, to hinder

morb– {disease}: morbid, morbific, morbilli || From L morbus : disease To morbidus : sickly, diseased, unwholesome

mord– {to bite}: mordacious, mordant, mordent same as mors– || From L mordēre (pp. morsum) : to bite, to nip, to sting To mordax (gen. mordācis) : biting, stinging

mori– see mort–

morph– {shape, form}: allomorph, amorphous, anamorphic, anthropomorphic, dimorphic, ectomorph, endomorph, geomorphology, isomorphic, mesomorph, metamorphosis, morpheme, morphology, polymorphism, zygomorphic || From Gr morphē : form, shape

mors– {to bite}: morsel, premorse, remorse same as mord– || From L morsus : a bite, a biting From mordēre (pp. morsum) : to bite, to nip, to sting To mordax (gen. mordācis) : biting, stinging

mort–, mori– {death}: amortize, immortal, memento mori, moribund, mortal, mortality, mortgage, mortician, mortify, mortuary, post-mortem, rigor mortis || From L mortis, gen. of mors : death, corpse From mori (pp. mortuus) : to die To moribundus : dying; mortālis : subject to death, mortal

mot–1 {to move}: automotive, commotion, demote, emote, emotion, locomotion, locomotive, motel, motif, motile, motion, motivate, motive, motor, promote, remote mutiny same as mob–, moment–, mov– || From L mōtum, pp. of movēre : to move, to set in motion, to stir To mōtio (gen. mōtionis) : motion, movement; mōtor : a mover From IE *mew– or *meu– : to push away

mot–2 {to mutter, word}: bon mot, mot, motet, mot juste, motto || From Fr mot : word, saying & It motto : a word; both From LL muttum : grunt, mutter

mount– {mountain, to climb up, to put up}: amount, catamount, dismount, insurmountable, mount (all senses), mountain, mountaineer, mountebank, mounted, Mounties, paramount, surmount, tantamount same as mons–, mont– || From OE From OFr From L montis (gen. of mons) : mountain From IE *mont– : mountain From *men– : to project

mov– {to move}: immovable, movable, move, movement, movie, remove same as mob–, moment–, mot–1 || From L movēre (pp. mōtum) : to move, to set in motion, to stir From IE *mew– or *meu– : to push away

muc– {mucus}: muciferous, mucilage, mucin, mucoprotein, mucous, mucus see also myx– || From L mūcus : mucus To mūcēre : to be musty, to be moldy; mūcidus : moldy, musty, snivelling From IE *meuk– : mucus, slimy From *meug– : slimy, slippery From *meu– : dampness, wetness

multi– {several, many}: multifaceted, multilingual, multimedia, multimeter, multimillionaire, multipara, multiparous, multiple, multiplex, multiplicand, multiply, multipurpose, multitude, multitudinous, multivalent, multivitamin, et al. It. molto comparative form: plus– || From L multus (gen. multis) : much, many

mun–1 {to defend, to fortify}: ammunition, muniment, munitions || From L mūnire : to build, to build a wall, to fortify, to defend To mūnītio (gen mūnītiōnis) : a fortification

mun–2 {public service, official duties}: immune, municipal, premunition see also mun–3 || From L mūnia : official duties, functions To mūnicipium : town, borough To mūnicipālis : relating to a town, municipal

mun–3 {payment, gift}: munificent, remunerate see also mun–2 || From L mūnus : public office, public service (“service performed for the community”), gift (“public spectacle paid for by a magistrate”) To mūnificusTo mūnificentia) : generous, liberal; remūnerare : to recompense, to repay, to reward

mund–, mond–2 {the world}: beau monde, demimondaine, demimonde, mundane, sic transit gloria mundi Fr. monde || From L mundus : the world, the inhabitants of the world, mankind To mundānus : a citizen of the world

mur–1 {wall}: extramural, immure, intramural, mural Ger. Mauer || From L mūrus : wall To mūrālis : pertaining to a wall

mur–2 {to delay, to stay}: demur, demurrage, demurrer same as mora– || From ME demuren From OFr demorer From L dēmorari From morari : to delay, to linger, to retard, to hinder

mus– {the Muses}: amusia, Muse, museology, musette, museum, music mosaic || From L Mūsa From Gr mousa : a Muse, music, eloquence To mouseion : shrine of the Muses, a place for study, museum

muse– {to loiter}: amuse, bemuse, muse || From OFr muser : to stare, to ponder, to loiter

must– {new wine}: must (new wine), mustard || From L mustum : new wine From mustus : new, fresh From IE *meu– : moist

mut– {to change, to exchange}: commutate, commute, immutable, mutant, mutate, mutual, pari-mutuel, permutation, transmute remuda unrelated: mutiny || From L mūtare : to move, to shift, to change, to alter

myc– {fungus}: Aureomycin™, botryomycosis, erythromycin, mycelium, –mycete, mycetoma, –mycin, mycobacteria, mycology, mycosis, neomycin, streptomycin || From Gr mykēs (pl. mykētes) : fungus From IE *meuk– : mucus, slimy From *meug– : slimy, slippery From *meu– : dampness, wetness

myel– {bone marrow, spinal cord, myelin}: myelencephalon, myelin, myelitis, myelogenic, myelogram, myeloid, myeloma, poliomyelitis, syringomyelia || From Gr myelos : marrow

my(o)– {muscle}: amyotonia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), myasthenia, myocardium, myology, myoma, myopathy, myotonia unrelated: myopia || From Gr mys (gen. myos) : muscle

myria– {countless number, ten thousand}: myriad, myriapod || From Gr myrias (gen. myriados) : ten thousand From myrios : countless

myrmec– {ant}: Myrmecia, myrmecology, myrmecophagous, myrmecophile myrmex (ant species), Pogonomyrmex || From Gr myrmēko– From myrmēx : ant

myso– {uncleanness, filth}: mysophilia, mysophobia || From Gr musos : uncleanness, defilement From IE *meu– : dampness, wetness

myst– {secret rite, secret}: mystagogue, mystery, mysterious, mystic, mysticism, mystify, mystique unrelated: mysticeti || From L mystēria : mysteries, secret rites of worship From Gr mystērion : secret rite From mystēs : one initiated into the mysteries From myein : to initiate into the mysteries

myth– {speech, story, legend}: myth, mythical, mythmaker, mythographer, mythology, mythomania, mythopoeia, mythos, stichomythia || From LL mythos From Gr mythos : word, speech, story, legend

myx– {mucus}: myxedema, myxocyte, myxoid, myxoma, myxomycete, myxovirus, paramyxovirus, polymyxin see also muc– || From Gr myxa : mucus From IE *meuk– : mucus, slimy From *meug– : slimy, slippery From *meu– : dampness, wetness

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