The Cognātarium

quadr– {square, squared, four}: quadragesimal, quadrangle, quadrant, quadraphonic, quadratic, quadrilateral, quadrille, quadrillion, quadriplegic, quadrivium, quadroon, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplex cadre see also quart–, quatr– || From L quadrare : to square From quadrum : a square From quattruo : four From IE *kwetwer– : four

quaint– {to know}: acquaint, quaint see also cogn– || From OFr cointier From LL cognitare From L cognoscere (pp. cognitum) : to become acquainted with

qual– {characteristics, qualities}: disqualify, quale, qualifier, qualify, qualitative, quality || From L quālis : of what kind To quālitās : quality, property

quant– {size}: aliquant, quantify, quantitative, quantity, quantize, quantum compare quot– || From L quantus : of what size, how great (neut. sing. quantum : how much)

quart– {fourth, fourth part}: headquarters, quart, quarter, quarterback, quarterdeck, quartermaster, quartern, quarters, quarterstaff, quartet, quartile, quarto see also quadr–, quatr– || From L quartus : fourth From quattuor : four From IE *kwetwer– : four

quasi– {as if, seemingly, resembling}: quasi-stellar, quasi-legal, quasi-judicial quasar quasi– can be attached to a wide range of adjectives || From L quasi : as if, just as, as it were

quat– {orange (fruit)}: kumquat, loquat || From Chinese (Cantonese) kwat : orange

quatr– {four together, four times}: quaternary, quaternion, quatrain, quatrefoil see also quadr–, quart– || From L quater : four times From quattuor : four From IE *kwetwer– : four

quean– {woman}: cotquean, quean || From ME queyne From OE cwene : woman From IE *gwenā– : woman To OE cwen : queen & Gr gynē : woman

queath– {to say}: bequeath bequest, quoth || •bequeath From ME bequethen From OE becwethan : to declare, to bequeath •bequest From ME biquest From quiss : a saying •quoth From OE cwæth •all From cwethan : to say, to speak; akin to Goth quithan : to say

quer–1 {to seek}: conquer, query same as quest–, quir–, quisit– || From L quaerere (pp. quaesītum) : to seek, to search From quaerere : to seek; a Latin verb of unknown origin

quer–2 {to complain, to bewail}: querulous quarrel || From L queri (pp. questus) : to complain, to lament, to make a complaining sound To querēla (dim. querella) : a complaint, complaining From IE *kwes– : to pant, to wheeze, to complain

quest– {to seek}: conquest, inquest, quest, question, request unrelated: bequest Span. conquistador same as quer–1, quir–, quisit– || From L quaestio : a seeking, a searching From quaerere (pp. quaesītus, quaesītum) : to seek, to search for From quaerere : to seek; a Latin verb of unknown origin

qui– {peace, quiet, to set free from an obligation}: acquiesce, acquit, quiescent, quiet, quietism, quietude, quietus, quit, quitclaim, quite, quittance, requiem, requiescat, requite, unrequited || From L quietus (pp of quiescere) : to become quiet From quiēs (gen. quiētis) : rest

quin– {cinchona, cinchona bark}: amodiaquin, quinacrine, quinidine, quinine, quinoline, quinone || From Sp. quina, shortened from quinaquina : cinchona bark From Quechua

quinqu– {five}: quinquagenarian, Quinquagesima, quinquefoliate, quinquennium, quinquevalent quincunx see also cinqu–, quint– || From L quinque : five From IE *penkwe– : five

quint– {fifth, five}: quintain, quintessence, quintet, quintile, quintillion, quintuple, quintuplet unrelated: quintal see also cinqu–, quinqu– || From L quinta : fifth From IE *penkwe– : five

quir– {to seek}: acquire, enquire, enquiry, inquire, inquiry, require de rigueur same as quer–1, quest–, quisit– || From L –quīrere (in comb.) (pp. –quisitum) From quaerere : to seek, to search; a Latin verb of unknown origin

quisit– {to seek}: acquisition, acquisitive, disquisition, exquisite, inquisition, inquisitor, inquisitive, perquisite, prerequisite, requisite, requisition same as quer–1, quest–, quir– || From L –quisitum (in comb.) (pp. of –quīrere) To –quīsītio : a searching From quaerere : to seek; a Latin verb of unknown origin

quot– {indicates quantity: counting, numbering}: aliquot, quota, quotation, quote, quotidian, quotient unrelated: quoth compare quant– || From L quot : how many To quotiēs, quotiens : how often

Unattested, hypothesized
† Unknown origin

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