The Cognātarium

tabl– {flat board}: entablature, retable, tablature, table (all senses), tableau, table d’hôte, tablespoon, tablet, tabloid, tabula rasa, tabular, tabulate || From L tabula : board, plank, writing tablet, gaming board, painted panel

tac– {silent}: tacet, tacit, taciturn reticent || From L tacēre (pp. tacitum) : to be silent, to say nothing, to pass over in silence To taciturnus : silent, taciturn

tach–1 {to connect, to join, to fasten}: attach, attaché, detach staccato || From OFr estachier : to attach From estache : a stake From Gmc root

tach–2 {rapidity, speed}: tachina fly, tachistocope, tachometer, tachycardia, tachymeter, tachypnea compare brady– || From Gr tachys : swift To tachos : speed

tachy– see tach–2

tact–1 {to touch}: contact, intact, tact, tactful, tactile, tactual same as tain–2, tang– see also tax–1 || From L tactum, pp. of tangere : to touch To tactilis : that can be touched

tact–2 {to set in order, order, arrangement, division}: syntactical, tactical, tactician, tactics same as tax–2 || From Gr taktika : matters of arrangement From taktikos : fit for arrangement From tassein : to arrange, to put in order

tail– {to cut, to split}: curtail, detail, entail, fee tail, retail, tail (limitation), tailor || From VL taliare : to split, to cut, to prune From L tālea : a cutting

tain–1 {to hold}: abstain, appertain, contain, detain, entertain, maintain, obtain, pertain, retain, sustain same as ten–1, tin–1 || From ME –teinen (comb. form) From OFr –tenir From L –tinēre (comb. form) (pp. –tentum) From tenēre (pp. tentum) : to hold

tain–2 {to touch}: attain, attainder same as tact–1, tang– || From ME attainen From OFr ataindre From L attingere From tangere : to touch

tain–3 {to dip, to dye}: distain, stain, taint same as tinct– || From OFr From L tingere (pp. tinctum) : to wet, to moisten, to dye

take– {to take}: double take, intake, mistake, outtake, overtake, partake, retake, take, takedown, takeoff, takeout, takeover, takeup, undertake, undertaker, uptake || From ME taken : to take From OE tacan From ON taka From Gmc root

tal– {ankle, heel, spur, talon}: talon, talus (anklebone) || From L tālus : ankle, ankle bone

tali– {retaliation in kind}: lex talionis, retaliate, talion || From L tālio (gen. tāliōnis) : retaliation in kind From tālis : of such a kind, such

tamp– {plug, stopper}: tamp (to pack down), tampion, tampon || From Fr tampon From tapon : a plug or stopper; akin to tap : a device for controlling the flow of liquid from a barrel: a tap

tang– {to touch}: cotangent, tangent, tangential, tangible contagious, contaminate same as tact–1, tain–2 see also integr– || From L tangere (pp. tactum) : to touch

tant– {so much, of such a size or amount}: tantamount, tanto Fr. tant pis, tant mieux || From L tantus : of such a size, so much From tam : so far, to such a degree

tantal– {Tantalus}: tantalic, tantalize, tantalum || From Gr Tantalus : a character from Greek mythology who was condemned to forever stand in water that always receded when he reached for a drink, and beneath a fruit tree whose branches always raised up when he reached for the fruit

taph– {tomb}: cenotaph, epitaph, taphonomy || From Gr taphos : tomb

tarant– {Taranto, Italy}: tarantella, tarantism, tarantula || From Taranto, Italy; Latin name: Tarentum; Greek name: Taras. Said to be named after Taras, son of Poseidon.

tard– {slow}: bustard, retard, ritardando, tardigrade, tardive, tardy, tardyon || From L tardus : slow, tardy

tass– {cup}: demitasse, tass, tasseography || From LME tasse From OFr From Ar tassa : shallow metal cup From Pers tast : cup

taur– {bull}: Minotaur, taurine, taurocholic, tauromachy, Taurus Span. toro || From L taurus : bull & Gr tauros : bull

tauto– {the same, identical}: tautology, tautomer, tautonym see also auto– || From Gr tauto From to auto : the same From autos : self

tax–1 {to appraise, to tax, to censure}: tax (all senses), taxation, taxicab, taxi dancer task see also tact–1 || From L taxare (freq. of tangere) : to touch, to reproach (to take a person to task), to appraise, to rate To taxātio (gen. taxātiōnis) : an appraising, a valuing

tax–2 {to set in order, arrangement, order, division}: parataxis, stereotaxis, syntax, taxeme, taxidermy, taxis, taxonomy, thigmotaxis same as tact–2 || From Gr taxis : arrangement, order From tassein : to arange, to put in order

techn– {art, craft, skill}: polytechnic, pyrotechnics, technetium, technical, technicality, technician, Technicolor™, technique, technocracy, technology see also tect–1 || From Gr technē : art, artifice

tect–1 {art, craft, skill}: architect, tectonic see also techn– || From Gr tektōn : carpenter, builder

tect–2 {to cover}: detect, detective, obtect, protect, tectrix, tectrum same as teg– || From L tectum, pp. of tegere : to cover, to conceal To tectus : covered, concealed; tectum : roof, ceiling, shelter; dētectum (pp. of dētegere) : to uncover, to disclose

tect–3 {to melt}: eutectic, hypoeutectic || From Gr tēktos : melted From tekein : to melt

teg– {to cover}: integument, protégé same as tect–2 || From L tegere (pp. tectum), to cover, to conceal

tele– {distant}: telegram, telegraph, telekinesis, telemetry, telepathy, telephone, telephoto, telescope, telethon, Teletype™, television, telex telpher || From Gr tēle : far off, distant

tellur– {earth}: tellurian, telluric, telluride, tellurion, tellurium, tellurous compare terr–1 || From L telluris, gen of tellus : the earth. In proper classical Latin, tellus refers to the sphere of the earth, the globe itself. By contrast, terra refers to the element earth (one of the four basic elements of earth, air, water, and fire); hence: dry land, land, soil.

tel(o)– {end, fulfillment, completion}: atelectasis, autotelic, telangiectasis, telencephalon, teleology, telesis, telestich, telial, telic, teliospore, telium, telomere, telophase, telson || From Gr telos : end, goal, ultimate purpose

temer– {blindly, rashly}: temerarious, temerity || From L temeritās : rashness, heedlessness From temere : blindly, by chance, accidentally, without cause or purpose

templ– {a section or space cut out [or reserved for observation]}: contemplate, templar, template, temple (place of religion) unrelated: temple (side of the head) || From L templum : a space in the sky or on the earth marked out by the augur for the purpose of taking auspices; a consecrated piece of ground; a sanctuary or asylum; a place dedicated to a particular deity; a shrine or temple

temp(or)– {time, a span of time; also has senses indicating moderation, measurement, and weather}: contemporary, contretemps, distemper, extemporaneous, pro tempore, temper, tempera, temperament, temperance, temperate, temperature, tempest, temple (side of the head), tempo, temporal, temporary, temporize, tempus fugit tamper Fr. printemps, temps unrelated: temple (place of religion) || From L tempus (gen temporis) : a division, a section: of the temples of the head; a portion of time, a period of time To temperare : to set bounds, to keep within limits To temperantia : temperance, moderation; tempestās : a space or period of time

tempt– {to test, to try}: attempt, tempt, temptation unrelated: contempt same as tent–2 || From L temptare : to prove, to try, to test To temptātio (gen. temptātiōnis) : a trial, a test

ten–1 {to hold}: abstention, appurtenance, content (all senses), contents, countenance, detention, lieutenant, maintenance, retention, sustenance, tenable, tenacious, tenaculum, tenant, tenement, tenet, tennis, tenon, tenor, tenure, tenuto same as tain–1, tin–1 || From L tenēre (pp. tentum) : to hold, to keep on, to persevere To tenācis (gen. of tenax) : holding fast, clinging, tenacious

ten–2 {tendon}: neoteny, tendinitis, tendon, tendinous, tenorrhaphy, tenosynovitis, tenotomy || From Gr tenōn : sinew, tendon From teinein : to stretch

tend– {to reach, to stretch, to extend}: attend, contend, distend, double–entendre, extend, intend, legal tender, portend, pretend, subtend, superintendent, tend (all senses), tendency, tendentious, tender (one who tends), tender (to offer) same as tens–, tent–1 see also ton–1 || From L tendere (pp. tentum or tensum) : to stretch, to extend, to spread; to direct one’s course to, to tend, to make for

tendr– {soft, delicate, tender}: tender (delicate), tenderfoot, tenderize, tenderloin, tendril intenerate || From OFr From L tener : tender, delicate, soft

tenebr– {darkness, shadow}: Tenebrae, tenebrific, tenebrous || From L tenebrae : darkness, a dark place, shadows

tens– {to reach, to stretch, to extend}: extension, extensive, extensor, hypertension, intense, ostensible, pretense, tense, tensile, tension, tensor same as tend–, tent–1 || From L tendere (pp. tentum or tensum) : to stretch, to extend, to spread; to direct one’s course to, to tend, to make for

tent–1 {to reach, to stretch, to extend}: attention, attentive, contention, contentious, detent, détente, entente, extent, intent, intention, intentional, ostentatious, portent, pretentious, tent (portable shelter), tenterhook same as tend–, tens– || From L tendere (pp. tentum or tensum) : to stretch, to extend, to spread; to direct one’s course to, to tend, to make for

tent–2 {to touch, to probe, to test, to try}: tent (gauze packing), tentacle, tentative same as tempt– || From L tentare, altered From temptare : to prove, to try, to test

tenu– {thin, fine}: attenuate, extenuate, tenuous || From L tenuis : thin, fine, slender To tenuare : to make thin or fine, to attenuate

ter– {three, third}: Terce, tercel, tercentenary, tercet, ternary, ternate, ternion, tertial, tertian, tertiary, tertium quid, tervalent, terza rima tierce more at test–1 see also tri–1 || From L tertius : third & From ter : three times From tres : three

tera– {monster; hence: one trillion (10¹²)}: terabyte, teraflops, terahertz same as terato– || From Gr teras (gen. teratos) : a wonder, a monster

terat(o)– {monster, monstrosity}: teratism, teratogen, teratoid, teratology, teratoma same as tera– || From Gr teratos, gen. of teras : a wonder, a monster

terg–1 {to wipe, to cleanse}: absterge, deterge, detergent terse || From L tergēre (pp. tersum) : to wipe, to scour, to clean To tersus : wiped, clean, free from extraneous material

terg–2 {the back}: tergiversate, tergum || From L tergum : the back: of the body, of anything

termin– {boundary, limit, end}: conterminous, coterminous, determine, exterminate, indeterminate, terminal, terminate, terminology, terminus term || From L terminus : boundary mark, limit, boundary, end

terp– {to be delighted}: Euterpe, Terpsichore || From Gr terpein : to delight, to charm

terr–1 {earth, ground, land}: Mediterranean, parterre, pied-à-terre, subterranean, terra cotta, terra firma, terrace, terrain, terra incognita, terrane, terrarium, terrazzo, Terre Haute, terrestrial, terrier, territory inter (to bury), Tierra del Fuego see also torr– compare tellur– || From L terra : that which is dry, hence: the earth; earth, land, soil. In proper classical Latin, terra refers to the element earth (one of the four basic elements of earth, air, water, and fire); hence: dry land, land, soil. By contrast, tellus refers to the sphere of the earth, the globe itself.

terr–2 {to frighten}: deterrent, terrible, terrific, terrify, terror deter || From L terrēre (pp. territum) : to frighten, to terrify To terror : fright, fear, terror; terribilis : terrible, frightful

tess– {square, cube}: diatessaron, tessellate, tessera, tesseract see also tetra– || From L tessera (dim. tessella) : cube From Ionic Gr tesseres, tessares : four From IE *kwetwer– : four

test–1 {witness}: attest, contest, detest, intestate, obtest, protest, Protestant, testament, testate, testator, testatrix, testicle, testify, testimonial, testimony, testis, testosterone || From L testis : a witness From poss. tri-stare– From tri : three, third + stare : stand : standing as a third

test–2 {shell, clay, earthen vessel, skull, head}: test, testa, Testacea, testaceous, Testarossa, tester (canopy), teston more at testud– Fr. tête || From L testa : a piece of burnt clay, an earthen vessel, a shell

testud– {tortoise, tortoise shell, protective covering}: testudinal, testudinate, testudo see also test–2 || From L testūdo : tortoise, shell of the tortoise, a thing resembling a tortoise From testa : a piece of burnt clay, an earthen vessel, a shell

tetr(a)– {four}: tetra, tetrachloride, tetracycline, tetrad, tetraethyl, Tetragrammaton, tetrahedron, tetrarch, Tetraodontidae, tetrode see also tess– || From Gr tetra– : four From tettares, tessares : four From IE *kwetwer– : four

teuch– {book [of the Bible]}: Heptateuch, Pentateuch || From Gr teuchos : an implement, a book

text– {to weave}: context, pretext, text, textbook, textile, texture tissue || From L textus : web, hence: fabric, structure, text From texere (pp. textum) : to weave To textilis : woven, textile; textūra : web, texture

th– {demonstratives}: than, that, the, their, them, then, thence, there, these, they, this, thither, those, thus compare h–, wh– || From IE *to– : demonstrative pronouns

thalam– {chamber}: epithalamium, prothalamion, thalamencephalon, thalamus || From New Latin thalamus From Gr thalamos : inner chamber From

thalass– {sea}: Panthalassa, thalassemia, thalassic, thalassocracy || From Gr thalassa : sea

thall– {young green shoot}: prothallus, thallic, thallium, thallophyte, thallous, thallus || From Gr thallos : young green shoot From thallein : to flourish, to bloom; this stem also bears the sense of green

thanas– see thanat–

thanat–, thanas– {death}: euthanasia, Thanatopsis, Thanatos || From Gr thanatos : death To thanasia : dying

thaumat– {miracle, magic}: thaumatology, thaumatrope, thaumaturgy || From Gr thaumatos, gen. of thauma : miracle From base of theasthai : to see, to view (To theater) From IE *dhāu : to see

the– {to look at, to view, to contemplate}: theater, theatrical, theorem, theoretical, theorize, theory || •theater From L theātrum : theater From Gr theatron : theater From theasthai : to see, to view From thea : a view •theorem From Gr theōrēma From theōrein : to look at, to view From theoros : spectator From thea : a view From IE *dhāu : to see

thec– {to put, a place for putting, receptacle, container}: amphithecium, apothecary, apothecium, bibliotheca, endothecium, hypothecate, ootheca, perithecium, theca, thecate, thecodont boutique, discothèque same as thesis– || From Gr thēkē : a case, a receptacle To dim. thēkion : small receptacle (–thecium)

theli– {lining tissue}: endothelium, epithelioma, epithelium, mesothelioma, mesothelium || From Gr thēlē : nipple. Used in ModL to designate various types of cellular tissue lining the outside of the body or internal organs.

them– {to put, to place}: anathema, apothem, thematic, theme || From Gr thema : that which is placed From tithenai : to put down, to place

the(o)– {god}: apotheosis, atheist, Dorothea, monotheistic, pantheism, pantheon, polytheism, theanthropism, theocracy, theodicy, Theodore, theology, theophany (Tiffany), theosophy, theurgy same as thy– || From Gr theos : god

ther– {wild beast}: baluchithere, chalicothere, dinothere, eutherian, indricothere, megathere, therianthropic, theriomorphic, theropod, Theropoda || From Gr thēr : wild beast

therap– {servant, attendant, nurse, to nurse, to give medical treatment}: hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, therapeutic, therapist, therapy || From Gr therapuein : to nurse, to treat medically To therapeutēs : attendant, servant, one who treats medically

therm– {heat}: bathythermograph, diathermy, geothermal, therm, thermal, thermionic, thermocline, thermodynamics, thermometer, thermonuclear, Thermos™, thermostat || From Gr thermē : heat ( To L thermae : hot springs ) From IE *gwher– : warm

thesis–, thetic– {to put}: antithesis, epenthesis, hypothesis, hypothetical, metathesis, parenthesis, prosthesis, prosthetic, synthesis, synthetic, thesis epithet same as thec– || From Gr thesis : a placing, a position & thetos : placed From tithenai : to place, to put

thetic– see thesis–

thigmo– {touch}: thigmotaxis, thigmotropism || From Gr thigma : touch From thinganein : to touch with the hand

thi(o)– {sulfur}: dithionic, methionine, thiamine, thiazine, thimerosal, thioaldehyde, thioarsenate, thiobacteria, thiol, thionate, thiopental sodium, thiophene, thiosinamine, thiosulfate || From Gr theion : brimstone, sulfur

thor– {Thor, Norse god of thunder and war}: thorite, thorium, thoron Thursday || From ON Thorr (Þórr) : Thor, god of thunder and war, son of Odin (Wotan or Woden) and the giantess Jörd (Jord, the Earth)

thorac– {thorax}: thoracic, thoracolumbar, thoracotomy thorax || From Gr thōrac–, comb. form of thōrax : chest, breastplate

thrall– {slave, to bind}: enthrall, thrall, thralldom || From ME thral From OE thræl From ON thræll From Gmc root

thromb– {blood clot}: prothrombin, thrombin, thrombocyte, thromboembolism, thrombogen, thrombophlebitis, thromboplastin, thrombosis, thrombus || From Gr thrombos : blood clot

thy– {god}: Dorothy, Timothy same as theo– || From L –theus (masc.) & –thea (fem.) From Gr theos : god

thym– {breath, spirit, mind}: cyclothymia, enthymeme, schizothymia unrelated: thyme, thymus || From Gr thymos : spirit, mind

thyr– {door}: thyratron, thyristor, thyroid, thyroxine || From Gr thyra : door

tid– {time, season}: betide, eventide, tidal, tide (all senses), tidewater, tidings, tidy, yuletide || From ME tide : tide, time, season From OE tid : time

tim–1 {fear}: intimidate, timid, timorous || From L timor : fear, dread From timēre : to be afraid, to fear

tim–2 {honor}: timocracy, Timothy || From Gr timē : honor, worth

tin–1 {to hold}: abstinence, continence, continent (all senses), continental, continue, continuity, continuum, impertinent, incontinent, pertinaceous, pertinent, retinaculum, retinue same as tain–1, ten–1 || From L –tinēre (comb. form) (pp. –tentum) From tenēre (pp. tentum) : to hold

tin–2 {to ring}: tinnitus, tintinnabulation, tintinnabulum || From L tinnire : to ring, to tinkle To tinnītus : a ringing, tinkling, jingling

tinct– {to dip, to dye}: intinction, tincture tinge same as tain–3 || From L tinctus, pp. of tingere : wet, to moisten, to dye

tir– {to draw out, to arrange in ranks, to put in order}: attire, retire, tirade, tire (wheel) tier unrelated: tire (to become weary) || From ME tire : row, rank

titan– {the Titans, hence: gigantic, powerful; and titanium, which was named for the Titans}: Titan, titanic, titanism, titanium, Titanomachy, titanosaur || From Gr Titan (pl. Titanes) : in Greek mythology, the Titans, a race of powerful giants

titl– {label, title}: entitle, title, titular || From L titulus : inscription, label, title, sign

toil– {cloth}: toil (cloth), toilet, toilette unrelated: toil (work) || From OFr toile : web, net, cloth From L tēla : woven cloth, spider web

tol(u)– {toluene}: amatol, toluene, toluide, toluol, trinitrotoluene || From Sp. tolú : the fragrant resin of a balsam tree found in Tolú, Colombia, from which toluene was originally obtained

tom– {to cut}: anatomy, atom, diatom, entomology, epitome, microtome, tome, tomography tonsorial, tonsure more at ectomy–, entom–, tomy– || From Gr tomē : a cutting From temnein : to cut

tomy– {a surgical cutting apart or into}: cystotomy, dichotomy, keratotomy, laparotomy, lobotomy, phlebotomy, tracheotomy part of tom– || From Gr tomē : a cutting From temnein : to cut

ton–1 {tension}: baritone, catatonia, isotonic, melatonin, monotone, monotonous, myotonia, oxytone, peritoneum, serotonin, tone (all senses), tonic, tonoplast tune see also tend– || From Gr tonos : a stretching, tension From teinein : to stretch; akin to L tendere : to stretch, to extend

ton–2 {to thunder}: astonish, detonate, intone tornado || From L tonare (pp. tonitum) : to thunder

top– {a place}: ectopia, isotope, topiary, topic, topical, topography, topology, toponym, utopia || From Gr topos : a place

tor– {bulge, protuberance, round swelling, hence doughnut-shaped}: toroid, torose, torus || From L torus : any round swelling: protuberance, knot, fleshy part of the body, muscle

torium– {a place for}: auditorium, crematorium, natatorium, scriptorium, sudatorium same as arium–, tory– || From L –ōrium : a place of, a place for

torp– {stiff, numb}: torpedo (all senses), torpid, torpor || From L torpēre : to be sluggish, inert, numb To torpor : numbness, sluggishness; torpēdo : torpor, lethargy. A torpedo (order Torpediniformes) is an electric ray whose sting induces numbness. One can speculate that a torpedo (weapon) is so named for its “sting.”

torr– {dry, to parch, to consume}: torrefy, torrent, torrential, torrid toast see also terr–1 || From L torrēre (pp. tostum) : to burn, to parch, to dry up with heat or thirst To torridus : burnt, parched, dry; torrens (gen. torrentis) : burning, hot, parched, hence: roaring, rushing, impetuous

tor(t)– {to twist}: contort, distort, extort, retort, retorsion, retortion, torch, torchon, torment, torque, torsade, torsion, tort, torte, tort-feasor, torticollis, tortilla, torticollis, tortile, tortuous, torture, torturous nasturtium unrelated: tornado || From L torquēre (prp. torsi, pp. tortum) : to twist, to wind, to wrench To freq. tortare : to torture, to torment; tortuōsus : full of turns and twists, tortuous; tormentum : an instrument for twisting or winding; the rack or any instrument of torture; a catapult

tory– {a place for}: crematory, dormitory, laboratory, lavatory, purgatory, vomitory same as arium–, torium– || From ME : shortened form of L –torium : a place of, a place for

tot– {all, the whole, complete}: factotum, in toto, teetotaler, total, totalitarian, totipalmate, totipotent, tot up Fr. tout It. tutti compare semi– || From L tōtus : the whole, complete, entire

tour– {a circle, a turning}: contour, detour, entourage, tour, tour de force, tourist same as tourn–, turn– || From ME From OFr tourn, torn From tourner : to turn From L tornare : to turn in a lathe, to make round From tornus From Gr tornos : lathe

tourn– {turn}: tournament, tournedos, tourney, tourniquet same as tour–, turn– || OFr tourn, torn From tourner : to turn From L tornare : to turn in a lathe, to make round From tornus From Gr tornos : lathe

tox– {poison}: antitoxin, detoxify, intoxicate, toxemia, toxic, toxicity, toxicology, toxin, toxoid || From Gr toxicon : poison, originally a poison in which arrows were dipped From toxon : a bow. A toxophilite or toxophile is a person who loves archery.

tra–1 {across, over}: tradition, traduce, traffic, traitor, trajectory, tramontane, trance, tranquil, traverse, travesty same as trans–, tres– || From L trans : across, over

tra–2 {to draw, to drag, to pull}: retrace, subtrahend, trace (all senses), tracer, trail, trailer, train (all senses), trainee same as tract–, trait– || From various paths in OE, OFr, VL, all ult. From L trahere (pp. tractum) : to draw, to drag

trab– {supporting beam, bar, rod}: trabeated, trabecula || From L trabs : a wooden beam

trach– {rough}: trachea, tracheate, tracheid, tracheole, tracheotomy, trachoma, trachyte || From Gr trachys : rough To trachea arteria : rough windpipe, trachea

tract– {to pull}: abstract, attract, contract, detract, distract, extract, intractable, protract, protractor, retract, subtract, tract, tractable, traction, tractor same as tra–2, trait– || From L trahere (pp. tractum) : to draw, to drag To tractare : to haul, to handle, to manage To tractābilis : that can be handled, manageable

trag– {goat}: antitragus, tragacanth, tragedy, tragic, tragicomedy, tragopan, tragus || From Gr tragos : goat

trait– {to draw}: trait, portrait portray, retreat unrelated: traitor same as tra–2, tract– || From Fr trait : draft, line, stroke From L tractus : a drawing, a track, a trail From L trahere (pp. tractum) : to draw, to drag

trans– {across, over}: intransigent, transaction, transcend, transcript, transfer, transfigure, transfix, transform, transfusion, transgress, transient, transistor, transit, transition, transitive, transitory, translate, transliterate, translucent, transmigrate, transmit, transmogrify, transmute, transom, transparent, transpire, transplant, transport, transpose, transsexual, transubstantiate, transverse, transvestite, Transylvania same as tra–1, tres– || From L trans : over, across, on or to the other side To transitum, pp. of transīre : to go over, to cross From trans +īre (pp. itum) : to go

trapez– {four-sided}: trapeze, trapezium, trapezius, trapezoid comb. of tetra– + pus– || From Gr trapezion : trapezium, literally: a small table, dim of trapeza : table, literally: a four-footed bench From tra for tetra : four + peza : foot; akin to pous : foot

tread– {to step, to walk}: retread, tread, treadle, treadmill || From ME treden From OE tredan From Gmc root

treat– {to deal with, to handle}: entreat, mistreat, treat (all senses), treatise, treatment, treaty unrelated: retreat || From ME treten From OFr traiter : to handle, to treat From L tractare : to draw, to handle, to manage From freq. of trahere (pp. tractum) : to draw, to drag, to pull

trem–1 {to shake}: delirium tremens, tremble, tremendous, tremolo, tremor, tremulous || From L tremere : to tremble, to quake To tremor : a trembling, shaking, tremor

trem–2 {hole, cavity}: monotreme, trematode || From Gr trēma (gen. trēmatos) : a hole

trench– {to cut, to cut a furrow, to dig a trench}: entrench, retrench, trench, trenchant, trencher, trencherman || From OFr trenchier : to cut, to hack, poss. From L truncare : to shorten by cutting off

trepid– {anxiety, fear}: intrepid, trepidation || From L trepidus : anxious, restless, disturbed To trepidare : to be anxious; intrepidus : calm, undisturbed

tres– {across, over}: trespass, trestle same as tra–1, trans– || From OFr tres– (comb. form) From VL From L trans : across, over

tri–1 {three}: triad, triangle, triangulate, Triassic, tricentennial, triceratops, trichloroethylene, tricolor, tricycle, trident, trifocal, trigonometry, trilateral, trillion, trilogy, trimester, trinity, trinomial, trio, triplane, triple, triplet, triplex, tripod, triptych, trireme, triskaidekaphobia, tritium, triumvirate, triune, trivia see also ter– || From L tres : three; or Gr treis : three & tris : thrice From IE *trei– : three

tri–2 {to sift, to sort out, to try}: mistrial, triable, triage, trial try || From OFr trier : to sift, to sort; poss. From VL tritare : to cull out From L tritus From terere (pp. trītum) : to rub, to wear away, to grind, to thresh

trib–1 {tribe, chief of a tribe, magistrate, judge}: tribe, tribunal, tribune, tribute (→tribut–) unrelated: tribulation || From L tribus : a third part of the Roman people, hence: a tribe, a division of the people To tribūnus : a tribune, an officer or magistrate of several kinds; tribuere (pp. tribūtum) : to divide out, to allot

trib–2 {to rub}: diatribe, tribadism, triboelectricity, tribology, triboluminescence unrelated: tribulation see also trit– || From Gr tribein : to rub

tribut– {to pay tribute, to pay, to grant}: attribute, contribute, distributary, distribute, retribution, tributary, tribute part of trib–1 || From L tribuere (pp. tribūtum) : to divide out, to allot ( From tribus : a third part of the Roman people, hence: a tribe, a division of the people) To tribūtum : tax, fixed contribution, tribute

tric– {entanglements, perplexities}: extricate, intricate, trick intrigue || From L trīcae : vexations, troubles To trīcare : to make difficulties, to shuffle To trīco : trickster

trich– {hair}: peritrichous, trichiasis, trichina, trichinosis, trichite, trichocyst, trichoid, trichology, Trichoptera || From Gr trichos, gen. of thrix : hair

trit– {to crush, to grind down, to wear out}: attrition, contrite, detrition, detritus, lithotrity, trite, triturate detrimental see also trib–2 || From L trītum, pp. of terere : to rub, to wear away, to grind, to thresh, to use often, to use up To trītus : worn, much trodden, well known, trite

troch– {to run, wheel, round}: trochaic, trochal, trochanter, troche, trochee, trochelminth, trochlea, trochoid || From Gr trochos : wheel From trechein : to run

troll– {to roll, to move along in a rolling manner}: troll (to fish), troll (to sing), trolley, trollop || From ME trollen : to roll, to troll, to wander From OFr troller From Gmc root

trop– {a change, a turn}: anatropous, Atropos, atropine, entropy, heliotrope, isotropic, trope, trophy, tropic, tropical, troposphere || From Gr tropos : a turning, a turn From trepein : to turn

troph– {growth, nutrition}: atrophy, dystrophy, eutrophic, hypertrophy, somatotrophin (somatotropin), trophic, trophoblast, trophozoite unrelated: trophy || From Gr trephein : to nourish, to feed To trophē : food To trophikos : nutrition

trud– {to push}: detrude, extrude, intrude, obtrude, protrude same as trus– || From L trūdere (pp. trūsum) : to push, to press, to thrust

trus– {to push}: abstruse, detrusion, extrusion, intrusion, obtrusive, protrusion thrust same as trud– || From L trūsum, pp. of trūdere : to push, to press, to thrust

tryps–, trypt– {trypsin}: trypsin, trypsinogen, tryptamine, tryptophan || From Ger, prob. From Gr tryein : to wear away + Ger (pep)sin From Gr pepsis : digestion From peptein (earlier pessein) : to cook, to digest From IE *pekw– : to cook, to ripen

tub– {tube}: intubate, tubal, tubate, tube, tubeless, tubifex, tuboplasty, tubular, tubulate, tubule, tubuliflorous, tubulin, tubulous, tubulure || From L tubus : tube To dim. tubulus : small tube

tuber– {lump, swelling}: protuberance, protuberate, tuber, tubercle, tuberculin, tuberculosis, tuberose, tuberous || From L tūber : swelling, protuberance To dim. tūberculum : small swelling or lump

tud– {condition, state of being}: altitude, amplitude, aptitude, attitude, beatitude, certitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, multitude, platitude, valetudinarinan || From L –tudo, –tudinis : noun-forming suffix for a state, quality, or instance of being

tuit–, tut– {to watch, to look after, to protect}: intuition, intuitive, tuition, tutelage, tutor, tutorial || From L tuēri (pp. tuitus or tūtus) : to behold, to look at with care or for the purpose of protection, to keep, to guard To tūtari : to protect, to watch; tūtēla : protection, guard, charge; tūtor : watcher, protector

tum– {to swell}: contumacy, contumely, detumescent, tumescent, tumid, tumefacient, tumor, tumult, tumultuous || From L tumēre : to swell, to be swollen or puffed up; to swell with anger or excitement To tūmor : a swelling, protuberance; tumultus : confusion, uproar, tumult From IE *teuə– : to swell

tund– {to beat, to dull, to make blunt}: obtund same as tus– || From L tundere (pp. tūsum or tunsum) : to beat, to thump, to strike repeatedly From IE *steud– : to beat, to strike

turb– {to turn, to spin, to upset}: disturb, perturb, perturbation, turbid, turbine, turbocharge, turbofan, turbojet, turbulent tourbillion, trouble || From L turba : tumult, uproar, disturbance, commotion, esp. one caused by a crowd of people, hence: mob, swarm, throng (poss. From Gr turbē : turmoil) To turbare : to disturb, to throw into disorder or confusion; turbo (gen. turbinis) : a movement in a circle, a whirling around

turg– {to swell}: turgescent, turgid, turgor || From L turgēre : to swell up, to be swollen To turgidus : swollen

turn– {to turn}: downturn, overturn, return, turn, turnabout, turnaround, turnbuckle, turncoat, turndown, turnip, turnkey, turnoff, turnout, turnover, turnpike, turnstile, turntable, upturn attorney same as tour–, tourn– || From OFr tourn, torn From tourner : to turn From L tornare : to turn in a lathe, to make round From tornus From Gr tornos : lathe

tus– {to beat, to dull, to make less sharp, blunt}: contusion, obtuse, retuse same as tund– || From L tūsum or tunsum, pp. of tundere : to beat, to thump, to strike repeatedly From IE *steud– : to beat, to strike

tuss– {cough}: antitussive, pertussis, tussis || From L tussis : a cough To tussire : to cough

tut– see tuit–

tw– {two}: between, betwixt, entwine, twain, twelve, twenty, twice, twig, twilight, twill, twin, twine, twist, two, twofold, twosome see also di–2 || From OE twa & Gmc twa : two; all ult. From IE *dwo– : two

tympan– {drum}: tympan, tympani, tympanic, tympanite, tympanitis, tympanum, tympany timpani || From L tympanum From Gr tympanom : drum, area of a pediment, panel of a door From typtein : to strike, to beat

typ– {figure, model}: archetype, atypical, prototype, somatotype, stereotype, Teletype™, type, typewriter, typical, typist, typographical || From Gr typos : figure, archetype, model, impression

tyrann– {tyrant, tyranny}: sic semper tyrannis, tyrannical, tyrannicide, Tyrannidae, tyrannize, tyrannosaur, tyranny tyrant || From L tyrannus From Gr tyrannos : absolute ruler, usurper, despot, tyrant

tyro– {cheese}: tyrocidine, tyrosinase, tyrosine, tyrothricin tyramine || From Gr tyros : cheese From prob. IE *twewos– From *teuə– : to swell, to be strong

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