The Cognātarium

u– {to put on, to dress, clothing}: exuviate, exuvium, indue || From L –uviae (as exuviae, induviae) From exuere, induere : to take off, to put on, respectively

ult– see ultra–, ulterior–, ultim–

ulterior– {farther beyond}: ulterior comparative of ultra– see also Appendix B || From L ulterior (compar. of *ulter : beyond) : on the other side, farther beyond. *prototypical form ulter appears only in the form ultrā & ultrō From IE *al– : beyond

ultim– {farthest beyond, farthest out, last}: penultimate, ultima, ultimate, ultima Thule, ultimatum, ultimo compare proxim– superlative of ultra– see also Appendix B || From L ultimus (superl. of *ulter : beyond) : most distant, farthest out, last. *prototypical form ulter appears only in the form ultrā & ultrō From IE *al– : beyond

ultra– {beyond}: ultraconservative, ultramontane, ultraviolet, ne plus ultra same as outr– comparative form: ulterior– superlative form: ultim– see also Appendix B || From L ultra (pos. of *ulter : beyond) : beyond, on the far side. *prototypical form ulter appears only in the forms ultrā & ultrō From IE *al– : beyond

umbr– {shadow, shade}: adumbrate, penumbra, umbra, umbrage, umbrageous somber, sombrero || From L umbra : shade, shadow

unc– {hook, hook-shaped}: unciform, uncinariasis, uncinate, uncus unrelated: uncial || From L hook

unct– {to anoint, to salve}: inunction, unction, unctuous unguent same as oint– || From L unctio : unction & unctum : ointment From unctus pp. of unguere : to anoint

und– {wave}: abundant, inundate, redundant, undulant, undulate same as ound– || From L undare : to rise in waves, to surge, to undulate

ungu– {claw, nail, hoof}: notoungulate, ungual, unguiculate, unguis, ungula, ungulate unrelated: unguent || From L ungula : hoof From unguis : hoof, claw, nail (dim. unguiculus : fingernail)

un(i)– {one}: coadunate, disunite, e pluribus unum, numero uno, reunion, reunite, triune, unanimous, unicorn, unicycle, unidirectional, uniform, unify, unilateral, union, unique, unisex, unison, unit, unite, unity, universal, universe, university || From L ūnus (gen. ūnius) : one To ūnitas : unity

ur–1 {urine, the urinary system}: anuresis, diuretic, enuresis, hematuria, urea, uremia, ureter, urethane, urethra, urethritis, uric, urinal, urinalysis, urinary, urinate, urine, urogenital, urology || From Gr ouron : urine To L ūrīna : urine

ur–2 {tail}: anthurium, anuran, anurous, coenurus, cynosure, macruran, urochord, uropod, uropygium, xiphosuran || From Gr oura : tail

uran– {the sky, the heavens}: transuranic, Urania, uranic, uranium, uranography, Uranus || From Gr ouranos : heaven To Ouranos : Uranus, god of the heavens

urb– {city}: conurbation, exurb, suburb, urban, urbane, urbanity || From L urbs : a walled town or city To urbānus : urban To urbānitās : city life

urg–1 {work}: chemurgy, demiurge, liturgy, metallurgy, surgery, thaumaturgy, theurgy, zymurgy Ger. Chirurg same as erg– || From Gr –ourgos (comb. form) : worker From ergon : work

urg–2 {to urge}: urge, urgency, urgent || From L urgēre : to push, to press, to drive, to urge

urs– {a bear}: Ursa (Major, Minor), ursiform, ursine, Ursula, Ursuline Orson || From L ursus (fem. ursa) : a bear

us– {to use}: abuse, disabuse, misuse, peruse, unusual, usage, use, useful, useless, usual, usufruct, usurp, usury same as ut–1 || From L ūsus, pp. of ūtī : to use, to make use of To ūsūra : use, enjoyment

ut–1 {to use}: utensil, utile, utilitarian, utility, utilize same as us– || From L ūsus, pp. of ūtī : to use, to make use of To ūtilis : useful, fit, proper To ūtilitās : usefulness; ūtensilia : useful things, utensils

ut–2 {out, outside, to speak out}: but, utmost, utter [to speak], utter [complete], utterance, utmost same as out– see also outr– positive form: ut comparative form: utter superlative form: utmost || From OE ut : out, outer, outside •utter (to speak) From the sense of “to speak out”.

uxor– {wife}: uxorial, uxoricide, uxorious || From L uxor : wife From

Unattested, hypothesized
† Unknown origin

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