The Cognātarium

wain– {wagon}: wain, wainwright || From OE wægn : wagon From Gmc root wagna–

wald– {power, to rule}: Oswald Walter same as ald– || From Gmc root wealdan or waldan From to be strong, to have power, to rule

war– {to be aware, to be watchful}: aware, beware, ware [to beware of], wary see also ware– || From OE wær : to be watchful, to be aware

ward–1 {to protect, to guard}: Edward, Howard, steward, ward, wardroom see also war–, ward–2, ware– || From OE weard : keeper, guard To weardian : to protect, to guard

ward–2 {to guard}: warden, warder, wardrobe see also guard– || From ME wardein : to guard From NormFr From OFr garder : to guard From Gmc wardon

ware– {wares, goods, merchandise}: chinaware, earthenware, glassware, hardware, silverware, software, warehouse, wares see also war– || From OE waru : merchandise, protection From the sense of “watching over the wares”

wh– {interrogatives}: what, when, whence, where, whether, which, whither, who, whom, whose, why how compare h–, th– || From IE *kwo– : interrogative and relative pronouns To L qual, quant, quid, quo, etc.

whal– {whale}: narwhal, whale walrus || From ON hvalr : whale

wich–, wick– {village}: bailiwick, Brunswick, Greenwich, Ipswich, Norwich, Sandwich || From OE wic From OE wik; akin to OHG wich : village

wick– see wich–

wid– {to separate}: widow, widower || From ME widwe From OE widewe, akin to Ger. witwe : widow

wild– {wild}: bewilder, wild, wildcat, wildebeest, wilderness, wildfire, wildflower, wildlife || From ME wilde From OE

wil(l)– {to wish, to choose}: Wilbert, Wilfred, Wilhelm, will, willful, William, willing, will-o’-the-wisp, willpower, willy-nilly, Wilma, Wilson || From ME wille From OE willa : will

win– {friend}: Baldwin, Edwin, Erwin, Godwin, Irwin same as vin–2 || From OE wine : friend From Gmc root weniz

wit–1 {powers of thinking and reasoning, intellectual powers}: nitwit, outwit, slow-witted, wit (at wit’s end, keep one’s wits), witticism, witty || From OE wit : the mind, powers of thinking

wit–2 {to know, to have knowledge, to be wise}: unwitting, wit (…to wit), witan, witenagomet, witness || From OE witan : to know

wor– {value, worth}: worship, worth, worthwhile, worthy || From OE weorthan : worth, value

wr– {to turn, to bend, to twist}: wrangle, wrap, wrath, wreath, wreathe, wrench, wrest, wrestle, wriggle, wring, wrinkle, wrist, writhe, wrong, wroth, wry || From various roots, all ult. From IE *wer– : to turn

wright– {to work, worker}: cartwright, shipwright, wainwright, wheelwright, wright wrought || From OE wyrhta : worker, maker From wyrcan : to work. wrought From worgt, pp. of weorken From wyrcan : to work

wurst– {sausage}: bratwurst, knackwurst, liverwurst || From Ger wurst : sausage From OHG

Unattested, hypothesized
† Unknown origin

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