The Cognātarium Appendices

These appendices provide some interesting additional information concerning the orgin of words in English.

Appendix Subject
 A  Prefixes
 A1  Numeric Prefixes
 B  Word Stems Denoting Direction or Position
 C  Comparative Word Forms
 D  Frequentative Verbs
 E  Words Derived from Gods and Mythical Beings
 F  Words Derived from Names of Persons
 G  Words Derived from Ethnic Names
 H  Words Derived from Place Names
 I  Words Derived from Literary Works
 J  Words Derived from Arabic
 K  Words Derived from Oriental Languages
 L  Words Derived from American Indian Languages
 M  Word Stems Denoting Parts of the Body
 N  The Names of the Chemical Elements
 O  Word Stems Denoting Animals
 P  Word Stems Denoting Colors
 Q  Word Stems Related to the Names of the Heavenly Bodies
 R  Words Containing Opposite Stems
 S  Onomatopoeic Words
 T  Reduplicative Words
 ●  Terms used in musical direction

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